Homeopathy for Bug Bites

We’ve talked a bit about avoiding bug bites naturally in the past in this previous blog. There are countless herbal applications and home remedies for helping with bug bites. Many of them work fairly well. I’ll discuss my favorites in a future blog. For now though, let’s discuss homeopathy for bug bites.

When you or you child get eaten alive by bugs, you could turn to Benadryl. I don’t have any huge issues with Benadryl like I do with some medications, but there is a non-drowsy 100% safe alternative to it. Actually there’s minimally two. With homeopathy, you can’t just say, “I’m having an allergic reaction to a bug bite, I need to take an antihistamine. It’s a little more complex, but is super effective if you know what you’re doing.


Look at the bug bite, feel it. Is the area warm, red and swollen or is it cool to the touch and kind of purple-ish blue? If it’s warm and red or accompanied by hives, you will want to use Apis Mellifica. If the area is cool and looks more blue than pink, chose Ledum. Dose frequently (as in one pellet every fifteen minutes) for about an hour and you should see huge results. Sometimes other remedies are used, but most commonly, we can turn to Ledum or Apis for bug bites.


I want to break down these two main bug bite remedies a little more:


Apis Mellifica


This is the most common treatment for bee stings, but is also used any time a bug bite becomes rosy and swollen. Bug bites that indicate Apis would also have a burning stinging feeling to them. They would swell up rapidly. They will be warm to the touch. Incidentally, people often use Apis for a number of other things, including a stinging burning feeling during a bladder infection. Though, I of course would never recommend that, because a bladder infection is something you’d need to get looked at by a doctor. It is the remedy that homeopathic professionals would give during anaphylactic shock caused by a bee sting or other bug bite, but that is not something I’m allowed to suggest you do. Anaphalactic shock is life threatening and always needs to be treated by a doctor or medical professional.




Ledum is indicated for all kinds of bug bites as well. The difference is that Ledum bites are often cool to the touch.  At the very least they feel better with cold application. So, you see, even though the bites may come from the same bug, two people will react differently sometimes. So, a mom would want to have both remedies on hand. Interestingly, Ledum is reputed to prevent tetanus and antidote venoms, but who’s to say really? Certainly not me. The FDA hasn’t evaluated that claim, so I certainly can’t attest to it myself. I for one though, would be all over taking a few doses of Ledum if I got a puncture wound or I stepped on a nail as I drove myself to Urgent Care. Like I said, homeopathy won’t screw up conventional medicine, so it’s safe to use it on the way while you wait for an hour or two to be seen by a doctor.


Both of these remedies and many more crucial remedies for sickness and injuries are available in the Hyland’s Homeopathic Remedy Chest.

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