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UPDATE: I have had to slightly alter the rules of the Media Marketing Challenge because, our Discussion Board tab provided by Facebook is undergoing “routine maintenance” by Facebook. *sigh* That’s alright though, because I’m persistent and determined for awareness and advocacy of natural parenting and natural living to be spread regardless of the status of our discussion tab. I am also very thankful that the “routine maintenance” happened before the start of the challenge and not after it had already started! So, the new and improved rules to the Media Marketing Challenge are…

The challenge starts tomorrow  (SUNDAY JUNE 19TH) and lasts through the end of the month. This give you almost two weeks. Even if you come in late in the game, depending on your media marketing prowess, you could easily slide into the lead.

What’s up for grabs?

$25 Gift Certificate to Everything Birth’s online store.

How to participate:

  • If you haven’t already liked us on facebook, you’ll need to do that to play. Here’s a link to our Facebook page.
  • Then, head on back to this blog and sift through some of the articles.
  • Find an article that you really, really like.
  • At the bottom of the blog, there is an option to “share on Facebook.” Click on that.
  • A window will pop up and allow you to make a comment about your soon to be post.
  • Make CERTAIN that you tag Everything Birth in this comment field.
  • Try to engage your friends in a discussion about the blog.
  • Actively participate in the discussion.
  • You can also copy the blog’s link and share it on one other page beside your wall to accumulate extra points.

Of course, you will want to find a blog that people like to talk about. That helps a lot. After you have picked a good blog though, you should not only share the link to the blog on YOUR wall, but also one other pertinent page with lots of fans that chit chat a lot about topics like the one in the blog you have chosen.

Who can take the Media Marketing Challenge:

Anyone can take the challenge unless they are employed by Everything Birth, independent contractors for Everything Birth, or a Diaper Parties by Everything Birth representative.

How to win the challenge:

At the end of the month, the winner will be the person who has the most replies to their posts. You may not comment on your post twice in a row. You may only comment on your post after someone else has posted. Every reply on your thread counts as one point.

How to be disqualified from the challenge:

Your posts will be disqualified if they are vulgar, disrespectful or obscene.

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