This weeks Giveaway: weehuggers & bamboo insert!

Learn about WeeHuggers™ Cloth Diapers We are really excited about our new weehuggers™ diaper covers and we want one of you to be able to try one out for free! They are  a simple, reusable, waterproof outer cover that feature true leg gussets and adjustable snaps which will allow them to grow with your baby. They come in snaps or a unique hook and loop closure. Both styles offer secure fits. They come in designer prints or solid colors in both the baby and toddler sizes.

If you weren’t in the running to get one for free, I’d also mention that they are normally $18.95 each.

They are a diaper cover, which means you only need a few of them. (Learn more about the two part diapering system on our info page.) You match them up with a bunch of inserts like our absorbent weehuggers™ bamboo inserts, cotton pre-folds, fitteds, or even biodegradable gDiaper inserts. The cover features  “stay-put” laminated bamboo/organic flaps so that to can tuck the insert into for easy diapering. This giveaway features a bamboo insert.

The maker of these adorable diapers came from TV land, she actually produced a Spongebob Special! I personally think it’s really cool to see someone change careers so dramatically and land in a natural parenting position. It goes to show you just how much of an impact cloth diapers can have on a person. I think that’s because it feels so right when we decide to choose cloth that we want to share that feeling of wholesomeness with others.

It is important enough to me and many of you to mention that weehuggers™ are made in the USA. To be more specific, they are sewn with care by people in Kentucky and manufactured in Knoxville. So, if you live in that area, choosing these diapers would be a great way to support your local neighbors. It’s also important enough to me to mention that the bamboo and certified organic fabric that these diapers are made from is also made in the USA and is processed using GOTS organic finishing techniques. We know this is better for the babies’ bottoms, but it is also good for the planet, and both should be pretty important to us mamas.

If you would like to enter to win one of these cloth diaper covers, get acquainted with our Weekly Giveaway rules and then hop to it. The winner will be announced this Friday!

AND…. for a chance to win a $25 Gift Certificate to Everything Birth, don’t forget to play our Media Marketing Challenge!


  1. Rebecca Wood

    I want to win a Weehuggers cloth diaper. Why? Because the baby is growing out of her size one Weehuggers and we need size two’s. The size one’s have been used daily for months, don’t leak, and still look brand new. These are the best quality covers we have tried.

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