This week, win a Bummis Swimmi!


This week’s giveaway is for Bummis Swimmi! One of you will win on of these awesome swim diapers for free. It’s that time of year. Other covers tend to keep wetness in, but these reusable swim diapers are perfectly designed to do their job!

Bummis Swimmis have adorable designs. My favorite is the clown fish print, because my kids love Nemo. With an adjustable hook and loop closure, these swim diapers have a great fit for all babies and the wide variety of body shapes that they have. There is an interior poly mesh and a coated nylon layer sandwiched inside to hold in all the really messy situations. The casings are made from a soft and stretchy lycra to protect your baby’s delicate skin. You don’t need to add anything inside of this swim diaper, it’s ready to go as is! You can wear these under a swimming suit, but why would you?

As with all the Bummis products, the Swimmi has been made with careful attention to detail in Montreal, instead of being mass produced in china like the cheap knock-offs you find at Wal-Mart. Bummis is a highly responsible company that assures good quality products and fair labor practices. (Of course, they’re in Canada, so they spell it labour.) All BUmmis products are guaranteed lead, phthalate (There’s that hard to type word again that I talked about in the organic crib mattress blog.) and BPA free!

Even if your diaper stash is fully stocked, you can always use an extra swim diaper. Please remember that every time you play in our Weekly Giveaway, your online posts tell the world that it’s getting cooler and cooler everyday to be gentle to the earth. So, please join us this week for this great giveaway!

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  1. Lisa

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me what I’m doing wrong when I go to enter this contest on Facebook? I went to Bummis page and liked them and then I went to my facebook and tried to tag them like the directions for the contest say…It doesn’t tag like when I type @EverythingBirth ? Any Suggestions?

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