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For this edition of FASHION SHOW, I’ve selected this adorable picture of Wyatt sporting a Grovia Airplanes  print AI2. He is showing his mom, Tara, the wonders of a dandelion ready to seed. I picked this photo partly because I’m a sucker for the outdoor photos. But take a look at Wyatt, you can see his smile without even looking at the front of his face. He is mesmerized by that dandelion. Does he even realize what it can do yet? He’s so little. Does he realize that if he blows it, it will send a confetti of dandelion seeds all around to dance in the air?

I know plenty of people shudder at the thought of dandelions in the yard, but when I see a dandelion, I think of using its leaves for salads that will help boost my immune system and cleanse my liver and kidneys. I think of how the flower has antibacterial qualities; how you can rub it on a wound instead of neosporin. I think of the roots and how they can be used to make a drink that tastes like coffee. While it will give you energy, it’s a sustainable energy, unlike the energy of caffeine. He’s not thinking of any of that though. He’s just thinking about what it looks like. Seeing everyday wonders through the eyes of a child is a blessing. Look at Tara watching her son, Wyatt. She is seeing that dandelion through his eyes.

I chose this picture because it’s a slice of life. I love the Gro Vio Airplane print, but that’s not why I picked this picture for the FASHION SHOW feature. I picked it because I am am thankful to be able to bear witness to such simple beauty, and it reminds me to stop for a moment as often as I can, and see the world through my children’s eyes.

If you want to submit a photo for our FASHION SHOW!! all you have to do is upload a photo to our facebook wall and as a caption write “FASHION SHOW!!” then a description of what is going on in the photograph.

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