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Every month, Diaper Parties by Everything Birth has a Brand of the Month. Special incentives for hostesses revolve around the Brand of the Month. This month, I was delighted when Crystal told me that her Brand of the Month would be FuzziBunz®, in honor of the new “Light It Up Blue” Campaign supporting Autism advocacy and fund-raising for Autism Speaks™, a national advocacy organization dedicated to funding autism-related research and helping families impacted by autism.

I think everyone knows that FuzziBunz® are my favorite diapers. I can’t speak for everyone at Everything Birth or for all of the Diaper Parties by Everything Birth consultants. It’s a personal choice, I know it, but I love that company. I love their customer service. In my past, I owned a brick and mortar store that was much like Everything Birth, and my featured diaper was FuzziBunz® because they are so easy to use, highly durable, and have amazing resale value. (I talk a bit about that here and here.)

FuzziBunz® has also been the easiest diaper manufacturing company I’ve ever interacted with. Interestingly, given that they are such a huge corporation, I found Fuzzi Bunz® to have a very personal touch. Their customer service department was outstanding. They always handled customer issues with amazing grace and commitment. They back their product like no other company I have ever seen. The ease of handling what few exchanges I ever had to deal with was amazing.

I love FuzziBunz®. I love that Tereson puts her Self into her company. The company was born from her desire to help her son in January 1999. In response to her infant son’s chronic diaper rash and dissatisfaction with all available diapers, she invented the highly acclaimed FuzziBunz® pocket diapers. FuzziBunz® innovative design skyrocketed the cloth diaper world into popular culture and parenting.

I worked on an early consultant program for FuzziBunz® called the MAD (Make a Difference) Consulting Program just after the turn of the millennium. That program was similar to the program that Everything Birth has launched with Diaper Parties by Everything Birth. Through the MAD Program, I witnessed the birth of the cloth diapering revolution. Of course, FuzziBunz® caught on like wildfire, and FuzziBunz® went the more direct route of selling to online and brick and mortar stores, eventually closing the MAD Program.

It was an honor to witness the early years as cloth diapering was re-embraced by vast numbers of “average parents.” It was exciting to see cloth diapering catch on faster than any of us ever imagined. It is even more exciting to see what FuzziBunz®, as a company, has become with the dedication of Tereson and her fantastic staff.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed as FuzziBunz® (as a company) and Tereson (as a business woman) have handled the curveballs associated with such tremendous growth with grace and integrity. I trust FuzziBunz®. I love FuzziBunz®.

A few years ago, this amazingly strong woman’s journey presented yet another challenge. Tereson’s son, Eden, (The original namesake the company once known as Mother of Eden, now known by their featured product FuzziBunz®) was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder, in 2006 when he was 8 years old. Just as in 1999, when her motherly instinct drove her to create FuzziBunz®, Tereson once again, charges forth, making a difference for her son and children everywhere. With the “Light It Up Blue” Campaign, FuzziBunz® will donate $1 of every “Light It Up Blue” cloth diaper that is sold to Autism Speaks™.

The philanthropy doesn’t stop there either. During the golf oil spill, FuzziBunz® organized donations for the Cloth for the Coast effort to help save coastal wildlife.  FuzziBunz®  donated thousands of diapers to charity overtime, including (but certainly not limited to) orphanages in Uganda, Ukraine, Malawi, and Haiti as well as to US military families and other US families  in need.

It’s only been 12 years. The “difference” that has already been made by this company is immeasurable. I can’t even fathom the impact that this company will have when it’s all said and done.

Between these things and the fact that FuzziBunz® diapers are so well made that one set can last through multiple children’s diapering years, it is with great pleasure that I present FuzziBunz® as the Diaper Parties by Everything Birth Brand of the Month for July.

To learn more about the rewards offered featuring the Brand of The Month, head on over to and find a rep in your area.


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