Weekly Giveaway: Kissa's Newborn AIO Cloth Diaper!

This week, Everything Birth is giving away a Kissa’s Newborn All-In-One Cloth Diaper. This diaper is really cool. It’s sized perfectly to fit your newborn.

It may seem dumb to buy a whole set of diapers just for the newborn phase. They fit babies weighing between five and fifteen pounds.

Considering babies need about 8 diaper changes a day if you nurse-on-demand, that could end to be a bit of money. These diapers retail for $14.95. So, to wash every day, you’re looking at minimally $120 on diapers that will only last a few months.

I guess, I wonder though, why people think nothing of spending that kind of cash on diapers they will throw in the trash, but it gets deemed “silly” to spend the same amount of money on diapers you can then resell on a forum like BirthDepot.

At any rate, these diapers are great, and worth buying an extra set just because of the ease of not having to try to fold down your diapers for the umbilical cord. These have a special design that snap down to keep from rubbing on a newborn’s umbilical cord. ย I know there are plenty of disposables that have this too, but please remember, cloth diapers have plenty of advantages that disposables don’t.

You aren’t going to get an up the back blowout with a cloth diaper like this. I mean, I guess you COULD get the blowouts with cloth, but none of my friend’s children nor any of my children have had an up the back poop explosion in a cloth diaper like this. And all of my friend’s children who have worn disposables have gotten the up the back poop explosion regularly.

These diapers also offer healthier material and no chemicals up on your baby’s skin.

So, I guess, regarding newborn cloth diapers, I ask this? If you plan to do disposables in the beginning because you’re concerned about the weird fit of cloth or umbilical cord concerns, why not spend about the same amount of money on cloth diapers that you can feel really good about and eventually resell?

At any rate, I kind of think everyone might be pleased to have at least one of these for newborn pictures.

So who wants to win one this week? If you don’t know how to play in our weekly giveaway, clickย here!


  1. Ashley

    I would love to try this out. I have seen them and they look so great, but money is tight and my hubby doesn’t want to buy more diapers unless we love them…lol

  2. Heather M

    I would love to try one of these. I’m due in December and am trying to stock up on Newborn and Small diapers. We’re good on OS but I’m trying to fill to gap until they fit!

  3. LAura DeBruhl

    we spent most of our money building a one size fits all stash since this was our first child and used disposable newborn diapers. I have always said on child number two since we already have diapers that I would buold a newborn stash… this could be the beginning! thanks for the opportunity! I also agree that I have never gotten an up the back blowout with a cloth diaper BUT have had them a few times when I had put her in disposables!

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