The Perfect Morning!

This morning, as I made the 25 minute journey into the pediatrician’s office for Ayla’s well-baby visit, I felt fantastic. The weather was great. Traffic in town was mellow for a Thursday morning at nine. I had a clear idea in my head of all of the questions I wanted to ask the doctor. He had already said he was cool with delayed vaccinations. My children were content. I was reflecting on and enjoying the fruits of a perfect morning!

My husband and I woke up early. I managed to get ahead on some of my media marketing projects while my husband went to the gym and worked out. When he returned, we enjoyed three cups of coffee and light hearted conversation (alone!!) while the children slept in. I got a load of laundry going. We showered and then I managed to find an outfit for myself that fit me right, that matched itself, that had no stains, and that was perfect for the weather. That alone was a miracle of divine guidance. But my morning just kept falling into place…

I found my shoes without even having to look in the refrigerator or behind toy chests. I got the baby’s bag together, and thought to bring everything that would promise a perfect office visit. Legos and army guys were packed for my five year old. Flash cards and Care Bear Dominos for my daughter. I remembered snacks and even juice for the bag. Then, I still had so much time left that I even did my make-up, my toenails,  and my hair!

(Stay with me, there’s a point to all of this besides just bragging.)

I got Ayla up first and put her in the bath, which went well, no splashing on my perfect outfit or anything. She went pee on her potty. She sat nicely for me when I put her in her favorite diaper, (a Hiney Lineys!!) and got her dressed in the cutest (non-stained) copper and brown girly outfit that I knew would accent her hair. I had washed it special just for the big day. Ayla even let me comb her gorgeous hair without acting like I was torturing her. My son got up and dressed with no whining and no problems. I washed his hands and face and got his breakfast together, and he was happy!

My son said he had to poop, so I hurried up and avoided the traffic congestion and managed to get to the pediatrician’s office to use the potty with twenty minutes to spare before our appointment. The gardener there waved at me and smiled. I couldn’t believe how great the day was that even strangers were sending me blessings.  Without anything spilling, we got out of the car and grabbed the bags and headed in!

I said hello to the gardener, because he was still looking at me (presumably because my happiness was contagious this morning, I thought to myself.) He returned the greeting and then said, “You know they’re not open on Wednesday’s right?”

I looked at him confused, “Wait, today’s Wednesday?!”



  1. Tana Zoller

    OMG, Dawn! LoL! Man…too bad it wasn’t Thursday! When I first read “Thursday” I said…wait…today’s Wednesday! LoL. Well…how did the REST of your day go? Lmao! I’m literally…LMAO!

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