This week's winner is…

Amanda Alvarado!

Amanda, we really hope you enjoy your newborn cloth diaper!

We appreciate that all of you participated in this giveaway for the newborn diapers. ¬†We think it’s important for people to realize that you don’t have to use disposables for those early weeks. While, I never had any problems with my newborn in a regular cloth diaper, the newborn diapers certainly make caring for the cord even easier!

We would like to keep as many diapers out of landfills as possible, so that’s why we’re so happy that this week’s giveaway was so popular. Every time to post about a product, it gets more attention. More attention means more people will give them a try. (Plus, givaways are so much fun!)

Amanda, I will be contacting you through your Facebook account to get your shipping information. Look for the private message!

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