Every TTC Mom’s secret obsession

Men… look away, you don’t get to know what I’m about to say. I’m bound by girl-code not to rat your wife out.

Men… if you’re still reading, I’m pretty sure your wife doesn’t suffer from this bizarre form of OCD.

Seriously, men, this is not about your wife. Look away.

Actually, I’m about to talk about mucus. OK? There, you read this far… now you wish you hadn’t don’t you? OK, see you later then.

Phew, now that he’s gone…

Ladies, I’ve never met a woman without this obsession. Perhaps you just happen to be some rare breed of TTC (trying to┬áconceive) woman that has an ounce of self control. If you are then, you can go ahead and buy your pregnancy tests from Walgreens for $15 a two pack.

But for the rest of you, I’ve been in your shoes. You know you’re not supposed to test until your missed period, because often unviable pregnancies are lost with a heavy “period.” You don’t care though, you want to know. You can’t stand it. So, you test way early. You test around a week before your missed period.

Then when it shows up negative, you stare at it under different lights, wondering if maybe there’s a faint line. The darn casing is in the way of getting a good view though, so you take it apart. I’m not going to talk crap about you because I actually learned I was pregnant two days early by taking my test apart and then taking it outside. So, I’m not going to judge you.
I’m sure you’ve seen places where you can get super cheap pregnancy tests in bulk. Those often work, but sometimes they don’t. That’s why I wanted to point out that Everything Birth, with it’s alter ego website (and herein lies the most important point) www.MidwifeSupplies.com, offers very inexpensive bulk pregnancy tests that you can actually trust from a company that you have come to trust over the last decade.

If you’re interested in saving vast amounts of money so that you can maintain your compulsive (and totally understandable) behavior, you can purchase the from Everything Birth here.

And then, after you’ve peed on them way too early, taken them apart and taken them outside… go ahead and take a picture of it and upload it to our community forum where we will all help you analyze whether or not we see a line too.


  1. Lyn

    lmbo!! i took my probably ninth pregnancy test yesterday!! In 3 months…. lol. Only to start today. It is very frustrating. Dang it I was so sure!!! Oh well. I guess at least I am excersizing a ton and losing weight from doing it so much trying to get flipping pregnant. Maybe I will be one of those skinny prego cicks I have always dreamt of… Not the “I stopped looking when it hit 8o lbs over” club… Darn it. ­čśë

    • Don’t exercise TOO much. If you think about it from an animal perspective, TOO much exercise when we were “in the wild” meant too much moving around and too much work, which meant, you weren’t in a safe place to bring a child into the world. Does that make sense? A relaxed woman is the most likely woman to get pregnant. The body sends off, I’m right where I want to be signals.

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