Sweepstakes Winner AND a new Giveaway!

Our 10 year Anniversary Sweepstakes lasted just about two weeks. We scoured the internet looking for ways to tell as many people as possible about our anniversary celebration giveaway. We shared links of hundreds onpertinent Facebook fan page walls and shared with various twitter accounts. We used a very exciting web software package that generates its own winner to make absolutely certain that the results had no room for any human intervention. Folding a piece of paper, writing a name on it and dropping into a hat had too much room for subconscious “altered paper folding” to be acceptable for such an exciting sweepstakes giveaway.

We hand-picked what we would imagine would be the most perfect and complete diapering package anyone could ever hope for. We decided to giveaway:

(8) One-Size Diapers. A mixture of FuzziBunz, Happy Heinys, bumGenius, Knickernappies, Blueberry, and Thirsties

(8) One-Size All-in-Ones. A mixture of Marvels, Tot Bots, Gro Via, Bamboo Baby, Simplex, Basix, and bumGenius Elemental

(4) All-in-Two’s.  Hiney Lineys Versa, Best Bottom Shell with 2 soakers, Gro Via Shell with two soakers, and Flip Shell with 2 stay dry inserts

(1) roll of flushable liners

(1) FuzziBunz In and Out No Mess Hanging Bag

(1) Planet Wise medium wet bag

(24) unbleached flannel wipes

(2) Thirsties hemp insert 2pks

(1) Baby Bum Butter, 2oz. jar

(1) Kissaluvs Lotion Potion

(1) bag of Ruby Moon Diaper Detergent

You were all very excited about it. We could sense your excitement and anticipation. We could feel the nail biting. We were well aware that so many of you chose to unclick the “Post to my newsfeed” option because you so badly wanted this Deluxe Diapering Package, but we would have done the same in your position.

The day has finally come. A winner was selected. I have to say, I laughed out loud when I saw the result come up.

We have 3029 Facebook fans from the United States and around half of them entered the 10 Year Anniversary Sweepstakes. Incidentally, 94% of our fan base is female. And yet… the winner of our Anniversary Sweepstakes is: Jonathan Brown.

Just in case there were multiple Jonathan Browns that entered, the Jonathan Brown that was chosen has a birthday of March 15th.


Mr. Brown, you are the envy of thousands of women and dozens of men right now. I wonder if you are that amazing father that is dedicated to cloth diapering his children or the amazing partner of a woman who asked you to enter. I know some grandfathers entered, but I saw your birth year and deducted that it can’t be that. Mr. Brown, won’t you please tell us more about what made you decide to enter?

From here, you will be contacted via e-mail.  We will request size and gender preferences and your shipping address. The email will be coming from me. My email is dawnnoelle1045@hotmail.com. You will have 72 hours from when I send the email to claim this amazing prize, or a new winner will be selected.  So, make sure you respond by this time Saturday.


Our Anniversary party isn’t over yet. We still have more prizes coming. This time though, you will not want to keep it a secret. When we hit 5000 Facebook fans, we will be giving away a three pack of Fuzzi Bunz to one of our 5000 fans at random. Of course, representatives of Everything Birth or Diaper Parties by Everything Birth are not included. But everyone else who has a US mailing address for us to ship to is. So, get sharing you guys! The faster we get to 5000 fans, the faster one of you gets three pairs of Fuzzi Bunz which will save you right around sixty bucks, or hundreds and hundreds of dollars if you’ll use them to replace some disposables. Don’t believe how valuable three Fuzzi Bunz are? Think I’m exaggerating? Read this previous  blog.



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