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We have giveaway blogs, giveaway winner blogs, natural birthing blogs, natural healing blogs. We blog about nutrition. We blog about ecology and eductaion. We blog about fiscal responsibility. We blog about the latest in vaccine news. We blog about circumcision. We blog about gentle parenting. The topics are nearly endless. Because as moms, we have a lot we have to know about in order to do our jobs well.

One day, while juggling writing blogs and taking care of the kids and the house, I was absolutely exhausted. Then, I got an email from my mom telling me to watch a video.

I watched it and I laughed. I laughed and laughed, because this woman nailed it. I mean, I try to be a gentle parent. I try to not be a “because I said so” mom. But, in reality, life can be so much like this video that it’s kind of embarrassing. At least I got a laugh at my own expense. So, I thought maybe today, you might want to just laugh at yourself for a moment too…


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  1. Danett

    Okay I am a first time mom and my son Sebastian is almost 3 months old. So as I watched this video my jaw literally did not close once and finally at the end I laughed and laughed and continued to laugh because not only did I think of whats to come but it reminded me of what has been with my own childhood. Suffice to say I loved this video!

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