"You are my Sunsine…"

“You are my sunsine. My ownwy sunsine. You made me happeeeeee! When skies’re bway. You never know deoh, how much I wub you. Pweeeese don’t take my Mama away!”

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Ayla Sunshine.

She’s two years old, and the other night, my heart about melted when I heard her sing those words to me as she fell asleep.

You see, in the quite of the night, or rather the wee hours of the morning, of the day she was born, I sat in a rocking chair in my bedroom, and I talked to her, and I sang to her the song that I most frequently sang her while I was pregnant with her. Only I sang to her, “Please don’t take my Ayla away.”

My husband smiled to himself as he heard her sing that song. The next day, he said, “You know, that’s my favorite song to sing her. It’s pretty much the only song I sing her.” I hadn’t realized. I told him that was weird and told him that it’s the song I’ve always sang her the most too.

When my mom picked Ayla up to go play with her cousins yesterday, I asked Ayla to sing the sunshine song. My mom smiled knowingly. “Yes, she’s sang that to me before. But then again, I sing that to her every day I have her.”

As if that wasn’t enough…

Later in the day, Ayla sang the song to my nine year old Noah. Noah said, “It’s really cool, because that’s the song I’ve always sang her.”

Not. Even. Kidding.

How many more people sing her that song?

Is that HER song? Does she use some kind of Jedi mind trick to get people to sing it to her? Or, as my husband says, is it that whenever she walks into a room she illuminates it so much that people are just compelled to sing that song to her? (Think she’s got Daddy wrapped around her finger or what?)

Has anyone else experienced odd coincidences like this with their toddlers?


  1. Heather P

    Awesome, thanks for sharing!!! Made me smile from ear to ear. When Alaina was an infant I made up some silly song that I sang to her whenever I was trying to get her to sleep….after some time I quit singing it, not sure why I think we just shifted to new songs somehow but a few weeks ago we were in bed and I started singing it to her and to my surprise she started singing it with me. I had no idea she remembered the song let alone knew all of the words. It just melted my heart, now we are back to singing it together every night before bed!

  2. Tonia Pollack

    I wonder…do you pronouce her name ‘Ay-Lah’? I wonder because this is my daughter’s name as well and I have found that it isn’t very common. (what a coinsidence) I love the sunshine song too, but I since I sang it to my first daughter so much when she was younger I try to keep that as her special song. So I don’t sing it to Ayla.

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