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When it’s time to plan your shower, please consider setting up an online registry for Everything Birth. It’s very simple to set up if you follow this link.

I am consistently shocked to learn how many of our Facebook fans and blog followers don’t realize that Everything Birth has an online registry.  You can always register for your crib and stroller at someplace like Target and then register for your diapers, breastfeeding supplies and baby carriers with Everything Birth.

I know so many women who are overwhelmed by the start up costs of cloth diapering. I’ve addressed this topic in a previous blog, but I want to address it again.

One of the easiest ways to handle this if you happen to be having a baby shower is to register for them online. If your relatives feel weird or cheap about buying you “just a diaper,” simply explain that it’s something that you are very excited about. Explain that since cloth diapers are washable, they’re essentially buying you the equivalent of about a thousand disposable diapers. Show them a photo of one of the cloth diapers you have chosen.

When I owned my brick and mortar store, aunts and grandmas would begrudgingly come in to buy a cloth diaper. When they saw how cute the diapers were, their attitudes changed. I explained that getting the cutest diaper is just as big of a game to women at showers as getting the cutest outfit used to be.

Then, I would explain to them that cash invested in a cloth diaper is a better financial investment than even investing it into a Savings Bond. For around twenty bucks, you have a great affordable shower gift.  Transfer that cost savings into how many disposables would be equivalent to that one diaper and they soon learn that by buying you one cloth diaper, it’s like buying you seven of the huge cases of diapers, which would have cost at least sixty dollars per case.

Maybe then they’ll realize just how awesome of a gift a cloth diaper can be.


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