Weekly Giveaway: Kissaluvs Antibacterial Wetbag

This week, Everything Birth is giving away a Kissaluvs Antibacterial Wetbag. I know, crunchy moms usually try to steer clear of “antibacterial” products like hand sanitizer and Neosporin because generally, things like these end up working against our long term vision of health. Hand sanitizer ends up killing everything on a person’s skin (never letting a child build up a healthy immune response) and leaches toxins in in the meantime. Antibiotic based products like Neosporin end up creating monster staph that eventually is resistant to everything until a new drug is created. Kissaluvs Antibacterial Wetbags don’t fall into the category of Unsafe Antibacterial Products though.

Let me explain.

A long time ago, people used to drop a silver coin into milk to help prevent spoiling. Weird old wives tale? Not according to modern science. Hospitals are now starting to using silver in burn dressings because of it’s ability to kill germs. You can read about how that came to be here. Likewise, silver is showing up in hospital grade air filtration systems because of it’s superior ability to kill germs. Here’s a study that explains that a little more.

Silver kills germs. And unlike antibacterial products like hand santizer, bleach, antibiotics, antibacterial creams, and antibacterial soaps, silver does it safely. In fact, silver is so good at it, very minute amounts are needed to kill germs.

Silver is the superpower behind Kissaluvs’ Antibacterial Wetbags.

Plus, they’re cute. See:











So, who wants to win one?

Weekly Giveaway Rules can be found here if this is your first time playing in our Weekly Giveaway.


  1. Kathy Cade

    I would love to have one of these! I am a grandma with the great pleasure of getting to “do” the cloth diapers for my grandson and think this would be cool to have for the diaper bag and tell folks about it!

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