With potty training almost done, what's a fluff lover to do?

My daughter is currently almost exclusively in training pants. My favorite is this pair of Blueberry Trainers:


I know I should be happy. In part, it’s sad for me that my last baby isn’t even a baby anymore, but I have to be honest, a large part of that sigh was because I’m almost done with fluff.

That means, there is no reason for me to own a pair of the Owls print Blueberry bamboo diapers on the second to the last row:


There’s also no reason for me to own one of the new antibacterial wetbags by Kissaluvs:

Actually, I suppose I could buy one for swimsuits or for my mama pads.

My oldest baby turns ten today and my youngest is pushing three, so you’ll really have to forgive my sighs.

Do me a favor though, since it’s my first cloth diapered baby’s tenth birthday today…

If you happen to have the Owls print diaper that I am so desperately grieving never having had the chance to own, will you take a picture of your baby in them and post it to our Facebook wall so I can live vicariously, will you?


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