The winner of the Kissaluvs wetbag is….

Kathy Cade!

Congratulations Kathy! You’re going to love it! I will be sending you an email asking you for more details from my own email. So, look out for it. Then, I will forward all the information over to Crystal so she can get this out to you.

Thank you to everyone who played this week!

So, anyway, we’re tossing around new giveaway ideas because this giveaway has been the same style for months now and we want to keep things exciting for all of you. Does anyone have any particular giveaway games they especially like to play? For example, would you like to be able to earn yourself more entries? Let me know what you think. We value your input as always and we want these things to be as fun for you as possible!

In the meantime though, don’t forget to check in with us this Sunday for next week’s weekly giveaway prize.


  1. Samantha Allen

    I can’t think of any giveaway game in particular. But I’m really not a huge fan of “extra entries”. Although they are easier if there is a google doc form or rafflecopter. Otherwise it can become a little time consuming. 🙂

  2. Rebecca Brown

    I like the simplicity of this giveaway! Having just a couple ways to enter gives people a few extra entries if they want it, but it’s not to the “overwhelming” stage where there are so many ways to enter it gets confusing!

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