This Week's Giveaway: Hiney Lineys! All-in-Two!

I recently got a Hiney Lineys! to try out. I will admit that at first, it felt kind of scratchy, so I was worried that it wasn’t going to be awesome and I’d have to tell Crystal (the owner of Everything Birth) that I thought they were dumb.

Thankfully, I followed the instructions and washed it a few times. It fluffed right up into an incredible fluffy diaper. For nighttime use, (because she’s daytime potty trained now) the Hiney Lineys! All-in-Two diaper is my daughter’s favorite diaper. She will ask for it and if she sees it in the stash, she will demand it.

You can detach the diaper/liner part and have a cover or you can use it as an all-in-one and just have it pre-snapped and ready to go. You can also forgo the snap-in liner and soaker and use with a prefold or a flat. It is highly versatile. Though my daughter’s favorite part is the liner because it keeps her so dry, so I’d only forgo it in a pinch if I ran out of diapers. If I had more inserts, I could have an all-in-one style system with the freedom to change out the insides in much the way you would a hybrid diaper.  See, with the liners and soakers sold separately, this is capable of being a very inexpensive diapering system. (Even cheaper if you win this giveaway!)

Sheila, the owner if Hiney Lineys!, thought of just about everything with these diapers. They have super strong Velco tabs that fold back while being laundered.  (Though, they are also available in snaps.) When I say strong, I mean incredibly strong. I’ve had other Velcro tabs before and they don’t even compare to the staying power of the Velcro on the Hiney Lineys! diapers.

Furthermore, Hiney Lineys! have a really nice fitting elastic. It’s thin, and I can’t quite figure out how it doesn’t tear the skin, because I generally prefer the thicker gussets of the FuzziBunz for that reason. I think it’s the material that is used in the Hiney Lineys! that makes it so they don’t tear at the skin. At any rate, you will want to try this diaper. Hopefully you win our giveaway and can try it for free, but if not, you can find them here.

The rules to our Weekly Giveaway can be found here if you’re new to the game.

Also, I want to point out that we still haven’t reached 5000 fans on our Facebook page yet and as soon as we do we’re giving out three FuzziBunz diapers at random. So, start sharing our page if you’re not already. The sooner we get 5000 fans, the sooner we giveaway even more diapers!



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