Brand of the Month: CJ's

This month, we have a very special product to teach you about. It’s not a cloth diaper, but I just know you’ll love it:

A CJ’s Butter Stick!

CJs Butter Stick is a diapering ointment that will help with your baby’s diaper rash issues.  CJs stick is made from shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil,beeswax, cocoa butter, Vitamin E and colloidal oatmeal. While it’s not specifically formulated for yeast, coconut oil itself will go a very long way in fighting yeast. The Vitamin E and colloidal oatmeal will help ensure that amidst a yeast infection, a secondary bacterial infection cannot present itself.  CJs Butter Stick will help heal any kind of rash with its wonderful ingredients.

This stick is specially formulated to be used on all of your cloth diapers: including the synthetic versions.  The only time any issues arise, it has been when used with detergent that is normally not recommended for cloth anyway.  So, really, who’s to blame there? CJ’s or the wrong detergent? You know? Even in that situation though, a very hot wash will break up any build up.

CJs Butter Stick has many functions beyond just diaper rash control. It’s ingredients all also fight eczema, rashes of any kind, rug burns, cuticle repair, dry skin, cold sores, bug bites and hang nails. You can put a little into your naturally curly hair to eliminate damage and restore the “curl integrity.” Or apply a small amount to a little one’s hair to make the ouchies of combing go away after a bath.

You can add a little dollop right to the bath water as a moisturizing, anti-inflammatory  soak for postpartum soreness and hemorrhoids.  This is wonderful! And while I don’t support circumcisions because of the guilt I carry from the difficult circumcision experience with my son, for those of you who did decide to circumcise, this gentle antibacterial ointment would be a healthier barrier to use than just petroleum jelly that first week or two while it heals.

Ready to try it? You can buy a stick  here!


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