Weekly Giveaway: Thirsties Duo Wrap Diaper

This Week’s Giveaway:

This week, Everything Birth is giving away a Thirsties DuoWrap Diaper for our Weekly Giveaway!

I love this diaper mostly because I love this company, but also because they work. Thirsties surpasses what any of us have come to expect from even a “green” company.

  • Thirsties Duo Wrap cloth diapers are made in the USA, largely by work at home moms.
  • Thirsties Duo Wraps are made with only high quality components from the USA. (Thirsties knows this will reduce their carbon foot print,  help support US textile mills, and ensure quality. )
  • Thirsties has a goal of becoming completely carbon neutral and they are well on their way. They have installed solar panels that will supply all of their energy needs at full capacity.
  • Thirsties’ practices manage a CO2 reduction of 200 tons. That’s like planting over 7700 trees!

Thirsties Duo Wraps feature an adjustable rise, excellent leg gussets, and can be used with Duo Hemp Prefolds or Stay Dry Duo Inserts. They are one of the most versatile of all diapers and they have an outstanding reputation for quality. More than that…

  • Thirsties are completely waterproof.
  • Thirsties are breathable and good for the skin.
  • The inside of these wraps can be wiped clean between uses which allows for fewer wraps to be purchased.

After winning this giveaway, you would only need a couple more wraps along with a good supply of inserts to complete your set. This is a highly affordable way to cloth diaper, saving you even more money than you’re already saving by cloth diapering. Of course, if you win, you’ll be saving even more money. If you’d like to purchase a couple as you try your luck, you can find them here.

How to Enter:


Leave a comment on the Weekly Giveaway blog post just saying you want to win. That automatically grants you one ticket. Your posted comment is your ticket. You may only enter this way once though. If you’d like more tickets, you can now earn them.


Each one of the following actions will earn you one additional entry. Be sure to comment on the specific Weekly Giveaway blog for that week stating what you did to earn your extra ticket. Remember your blog comment is your entry ticket.  So, if you do more than one action to earn extra tickets, make sure you comment on each action separately to increase your chances of winning.


Make sure in your blog comment (ticket) that you include your Facebook name so that we can verify the winning entry.

  • Be a fan of our Facebook page.
  • Promote this giveaway on your own Facebook page as a status, making sure to tag our Facebook page.
  • Find the manufacturer of the giveaway item on Facebook and then post a comment to them saying we sent you.
  • Post a comment about this giveaway in any mothering, environmental, or birth related Facebook group or page, making sure to tag our Facebook page.
  • Post a photo of your baby in cloth to our Facebook wall.


Make sure in your blog comment (ticket) that you include your Twitter name so that we can verify the winning entry.

  • Be a follower of our twitter page.
  • Find the manufacturer of the giveaway item on Twitter and then tell them we sent you.
  • Tweet: Weekly Giveaway @everythingbirth! http://preview.tinyurl.com/4yslufz #clothdiapers


Make sure in your blog comment (ticket) that you provide a link to your own blog so that we can verify the winning entry.

  • Become an affiliate of Everything Birth, then maintain an affiliate sticker on your blog. Here’s the direct link for that.
  • Mention our giveaway with a link to our Facebook giveaway tab (which is here) on your blog. It doesn’t have to be a devoted blog; just a mention.


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  • Leave us a good, honest review at Diaper Pin. Here’s the link to do that directly. (Be sure to write what name you used to leave a review in your comment so we can verify.)

Selecting Winners:

A number will be generated and we will count down the comments to select a winner at random. So more entries increases your chance of winning, but you can also win with just your one automatic ticket by simply commenting that you want to win on that specific Weekly Giveaway blog.

The winner must have a standard United States mailing address to ship to.

Instructions must be followed completely. For example, if you post, but forget to tag, if your entry was chosen, it will be thrown out and a new winning number will be generated.

Winners will be announced on the Saturday immediately following the end of the contest on Everything Birth’s Facebook page, Twitter profile, and blog. An email will be sent to the winner, the prize must be claimed with 72 hours by responding to the congratulations e-mail.


No purchase is necessary. This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook or Twitter.  Products are chosen by Everything Birth and are subject to change. You have from Monday at 12AM EST until Saturday at noon EST to get your entries submitted. Each week, a new online giveaway at Everything Birth begins on Monday and ends on Saturday at noon.




  1. Caitlyn Pelletier

    I love the Thirsties brand! We have 4 duo wraps (2 in each size). We would LOVE to win the duo diaper!
    I’m a fan of Everything Birth and Thirsties on Facebook.

    • Elizabeth

      my fb name is Elizabeth Boothe, i just “like” you page!

      WE dont have any cloth diapers yet or i would post a pic.
      I wanted to try to win a cloth diaper, then see how it worked for us then i will fully convert to Cloth diapering……

  2. Holly Wilson

    I desperately want to win! I had a Thirsties Duo Wrap that i loved for a few months. One day, it just magically quit working. It leaked constantly, even if the inset was not soaked. I tried it with different inserts. I tried it with prefolds. Nothing worked! This was very early into my cloth diapering, and I’m afraid I did something to damage it (although even now I have no idea what!) I’d love to give them another chance, but hubby does NOT want to buy one when we had such bad luck with the first.

  3. Shenifa Meacham

    I want to win! Finally got my hubby on board and need the help getting started on our diaper collection! Winning would sure help us get started!!! Thanks for the chance

  4. Jessy Winters

    Hi! I just became a fan on facebook after seeing about you on thristies FB page. I would love to be entered into this contest and have a chance to win the prize. Thank you so much for your consideration! <3

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