FuzziBunz® is at it again!!!

I love telling you about awesome things FuzziBunz® is doing. For example, FuzziBunz® is still donating $1 for every “Light It Up Blue” diaper sold to Autism Speaks. But this next promotion will be having many heads spinning with excitement.

This wonderful company is always doing awesome stuff that should make us FuzziBunz® users proud. During the golf oil spill, FuzziBunz® organized donations for the Cloth for the Coast effort to help save coastal wildlife.  FuzziBunz®  donated thousands of diapers to charity overtime, including (but certainly not limited to) orphanages in Uganda, Ukraine, Malawi, and Haiti as well as to US military families and other US families  in need.

I loved telling you about their Earth Day diaper and why buying it would be a good investment for a number of reasons in this past blog. Of course, I always love giving you my take on what diapers might bring the most resale value after you’re done using your diapers, like when I talked about the Choco Truffle diaper here.

When FuzziBunz® decides to run a special as crazy-awesome as this, it’s like all other fluff talk goes right out the window. Then, on the forums start popping up posts like, “OMG! Did you guys see the deal FB is giving away?!” I go heavily into detail about why a sale on these diapers is basically a Gold Rush in this previous blog for those of you who are asking, “What’s the big deal?”

So, here’s the deal, if you participate in this promotion, you will be making an AMAZING financial investment… better than any investment I can think of these days with the economy on a downward spiral. Those wall street investors could wise up and switch from Sposies to FuzziBunz and see wild returns on their investment. I explain how Fuzzi Bunz are quite literally worth their weight in gold in this previous blog.

So, it is with great pleasure that I announce this amazing special promotion…

Buy any 6 FuzziBunz® One Size or FuzziBunz® Perfect Size diapers from Everything Birth and FuzziBunz® will send you 2 more diapers absolutely FREE!

Official Rules:
  • Customers are eligible for 2 free FuzziBunz® diapers for every 6 FuzziBunz® diapers purchased – they will receive 1 FuzziBunz® solid color diaper (Perfect Size or One Size) and 1 FuzziBunz® mystery print (One Size or Medium Perfect Size)
  • There is no limit to the number of free diapers the customer can receive. Customer is eligible for 2 free diapers for every 6 diapers purchased. If 12 diapers are purchased, 4 free diapers are given. If 18 diapers are purchased, 6 free diapers are given, etc.
  • Customer must fill out the Rebate Form (located HERE) and mail their receipts and UPC codes to FuzziBunz® to receive free products
  • For US and Canadian customers only
  • Promotion for customers only – retailers may not participate

What you need to do:

  • Purchase 6 FuzziBunz® diapers (One Size or Perfect Size) in one purchase
  • Fill out online rebate form and print.
  • Mail Rebate Form and the following items in one envelope:
    • Original UPCs from each diaper package
    • Original or copy of store receipt or packaging slip dated on or between August 15 & September 30.
  • Envelope must be postmarked October 15, 2011
  • FuzziBunz will send you two free diapers in the mail directly from their facilities!


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