New Website from AAP!

This summer, the American Academy of Pediatrics put up a new website called “Children’s Oral Health.” Since most of you are as involved in your children’s health as I am in my children’s, I thought you might want to take a look.

This could be kind of exciting in that it appears as though the AAP are urging doctor’s to pay more attention to a child’s oral health. Since, in the field of natural health, the condition of a person’s mouth is a primary indicator of a person’s overall health condition, I think this is a fabulous indicator that pediatricians are taking steps towards whole person health care.

It could mean that more children get dental care because most children have health insurance (even if it’s through the state) but many parents don’t know who to turn to for dental care. Having basic oral health care it the pediatrician’s office could mean a parent would have guidance in finding a dentist for her children.

I mean it could just end up being more red tape, extra referrals, and waivers to be signed if you refuse fluoride treatments… but I’m going to keep things optimistic.

What do you think? Do you share my optimism about this website?

Take a look by following this link.

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