Siblings with the new baby.

cloth diapers online baby supplies mothering forum.One of the most wonderful aspects of my motherhood is because I’m a mother a number of times over. Don’t get me wrong, it certainly offers its challenges over when I only had one child to take care of, but the blessings are numerous.

Seeing my children develop their own relationships is a beauty that is beyond my ability to express. So, I wanted to share with you some of my Magic Moments.

Everything Birth isn’t just about cloth diapers. It’s about EVERYTHING birth related. It’s about midwifery, feeding babies, clothing babies, nurturing babies. And so, we care about all aspects of your new motherhood. While Everything Birth cannot sell you a sibling for your child (and I will admit there are times I feel more than willing to lease one or two of mine out, hahaha) we can certainly share experiences about mothering siblings (through mediums like facebook or our forum) and by sharing photos.

mothering chat communityI want to see your “Magic Moments.” Cloth diapers or not, I am asking you to post some of your most touching sibling photos on our Facebook wall. It’s one of the greatest gifts of mothering, and I want us to share them. If you get a minute, will you please consider sharing a photo of your little ones together?

Here’s the link to our Facebook.

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