Brand of the Month: Ruby Moon Natural Laundry Wash.

laundry detergent eczemaI got to sample the new Ruby Moon Wash last month and I have to say, I am in love. I know people go on and one about their detergents that they fall in love with, but I could never quite get this. A detergent is a detergent. Rockin’ Green is great. It smells pretty. There lots of fully functional detergents out there. Sadly, most of them for one reason or another irritate my daughter’s skin.

Enter Ruby Moon Natural Laundry Wash…

I opened the bag and it literally smelled exactly like lemonade.  I love lemonade. You know, scents are rarely what they say they are. They kind of smell like a “summer garden” or a “mountain creek”  I guess… but I’m not sure exactly what those things smell like though, so I have to take them at their word.

The detergent I got though, smelled exactly like its name.  And it just made me happy.

Then, there’s the part about how it works really well on cloth diapers. That kind of goes without saying though because Everything Birth hand picks products that are good. Everything Birth isn’t just about finding deals with the highest profits, if it’s not awesome, they don’t carry it. So, I knew it’d work. I guess, for most of you, that is the most important aspect of choosing a product, but for me, it was a given that it would work really well on cloth diapers.

But the scent…. Sometimes, I open the bag just to take a whiff. I also do more laundry now, because I love that smell.

The deal sealer though? Ruby Moon doesn’t irritate my redheaded daughter’s very sensitive skin.

So, it is with great pride and delight that I announce the Everything Birth featured Brand of the Month for September:

Ruby Moon is made with 100% natural, vegan, and biodegradable ingredients. Ruby Moon was formulated to work in all water types and is phosphate, enzyme, optical brightener, and soap free. It works. It was designed to be the premier laundry detergent for babies with sensitive skin, and it does an outstanding job at cleaning all your laundry especially your diapers. You only need a little bit, so a small bag will go a long way!

If you want to try out Ruby Moon, you can purchase samples here.



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