Weekly Giveaway: Kissaluvs Organic Cotton-Hemp Fitteds


Kissaluvs Organic Cotton-Hemp Fitteds are one of our favorite night time diapers. The don’t have to be for night-time only, but they are the perfect “extra” for people who use any kind of diapering system to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep without leaks.  This is not to imply that these fitteds are bulky though. The are made with a Super Trim design and an optional snap-in soaker. The trademark ruffled legs and proprietary elastic almost guarantees no blow-outs. It also looks adorable on babies. These fitted diapers feature sturdy polyacetal resin snap closures. These snaps are easy for parents to get closed, but a little more tricky for toddlers to figure out how to open! I’ve always preferred snaps to velcro.

The organic cotton that is used is environmentally safe and also safe for your baby. It has been grown without using any chemicals or pesticides. Organic cotton is a little bit more costly, but the benefits of having the natural fiber close to your baby certainly make it worth it. Hemp has been a very popular choice in diapering for a long time. Hemp is one of the earliest and most durable fibers on earth. It is also naturally antibacterial.  More than that growing help gives more than it takes from the land it is grown on. It’s a wonderful plant for our environment. It also uses no herbicides or fertilizers.

You can pair with a Marvels Diaper Cover for a leak-proof fit.  I’ve known people to use them without any covers when just hanging out around the house. They are pretty absorbent and even without covers can usually withstand a lot of leaks.

Size NB – Newborn

  • Fits approximately 5-15 lbs
  • Natural stitching

Size M/L – Medium/Large

  • Fits approximately 15-40 lbs
  • Natural stitching

So who wants to win one of these fitted diapers?!

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  1. Kenya

    I want to win, I want to win! This fluff would make my day!
    There are few things more lovely than a swaddled bum, I’d say!
    I’m TTC and building up my hope chest bit by bit…
    And this organic dipe would have a perfect home in it.
    “if you build it, they will come” has been my motivation
    I’m preparing for my babe-to-be with zero hesitation
    And proudly, soon, I’ll be within that sweet “motherhood fog”
    While hopefully using my lovely diaper from “everything birth’s blog! “

  2. Kenya

    i know that i have already posted a comment, but i want to just share a little something else… i do have a little one who was cloth diapered 6 years ago, and i am proud to say that i have no diapers left because i believe in passing on the blessings. i was in college when my daughter was born (lived in the dorms/family housing and STILL cloth diapered!) and was also a doula at the time (still am). i made it a point to share what i knew with fellow students, show them how easy cloth diapering was, and of course breastfed on campus all the time! well – wouldnt you know it… my example stuck with a lot of people and not too long after my little one was potty trained, i was asked by a fellow student if she could have my diapers for her little one. i was proud and oh so excited to pass them on!!! note that i also recieved a medela breast pump from a fellow student who recieved 2 from her baby shower and passed that on once my daughter self weaned. most things have years of use left once we are finished!! college is truly a place to learn… all of us have the opportunity to choose what lessons we give out and the opportunity to find information/education in everything around us. i have since graduated, married my college sweetheart, and an working as a doula on a volunteer basis while i seek employment. i am slowly trying to fill my baby hope chest for baby #2… and always finding ways to make my mark. have a wonderful day!

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