Non-Heated Circumcision Discussion

I’ve been looking for a strictly informative video or piece of information to share with everyone about circumcision. I want everyone to have informed consent about circumcision, unlike I did. I don’t want any new moms to have to feel the regret I do about the choice I allowed to be made for me son. You see, I wanted my son to remain intact. His dad didn’t. And I passed on the issue, trading him instead for letting me co-sleep. I don’t know that raising a newborn peacefully should be a matter of making trades. I don’t know that it is a mother’s job to barter about important parenting choices. I kind of think it’s a mother’s job to protect her child and do everything possible to parent in a way that is in accordance with her beliefs and intellect.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the tools with which to present a valid argument. I didn’t know all of the facts… I was feeling with my emotions that I didn’t want to do that to him. Had I known the facts, my son’s father is intelligent enough that I’m quite certain he would have come around.

I found this video. It is graphic…. not in a traumatic kind of graphic. Rather in a very “Biology 101” kind of graphic. So, that is your warning.  This professor addresses each and every pro-circ argument with scientific research and critical thinking. It even addresses the AIDS argument.  Please watch this video all the way through if you are considering circumcising your son. You owe it to him and to yourself to at least make an informed decision.




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