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I know that my previous blog about circumcision was met with a great deal of controversy. I should say that Everything Birth does NOT have an official company stance on the matter. Likewise, Everything Birth’s Blog isn’t about trying to strong arm you into anything. It is a place to engage our community with topics of interest.

So, I for one found this video, brought to us by The WHOLE Network, highly interesting. Maybe not for the reasons you would think though.

I do understand that circumcision is a highly interesting topic for the women of our community to debate and discuss.

I’m going to keep this light-hearted though.

Watch this video first and then keep reading after it’s done for my light hearted commentary:

I’m so perplexed as to how The WHOLE Network would come about having this information. Do you think it’s all true? I mean, The WHOLE Network is generally a very good resource for factual information. But how can they know if these men are actually intact? I’ve known real young men who were so detached from the topic that they didn’t even know if the were intact or circumcised. So, seriously, how did they find out all of this information?

I also find this video interesting because my husband says that Alanis doesn’t understand fully the meaning of ironic. He sees nothing ironic with getting 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife. I mean, true. But it IS ironic if she was expecting a knife when she opened the enormous drawer that housed 10 THOUSAND spoons. And while, “rain on your wedding day” might be sad (albeit good luck) it’s only really ironic if you are expecting it not to be rainy. What my husband doesn’t understand is that for many of us, having planned our wedding days in our heads since childhood, rain would have been absolutely unexpected… even in Seattle…

I best define irony as an “incongruity between the actual result of events and the expected result of events.”  So, irony is very much based on perspective. I suppose being circumcised might be kind of ironic to a child if they had the awareness to plan their first week out. “Awwww, man.  All that work and I finally get to snuggle and nurse, and now THIS!” To me, it is not ironic that all of these men are intact… because, well, most men are and I know this. So, to me, the most ironic thing about this video is the choice of back ground music.

That said, I think The WHOLE Network did a great job on this video and I think they do a great job on all of their public service campaigns. I personally love their work. Which is for sure ironic, because my son was born before I had a clue about the full scope of circumcision repercussions if you get my drift.

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