The Winner of the Ruby Moon Wipes Solution Bits is…


We’re so excited for you Kerresa. You are going to love Ruby Moon. Have you tried it yet?

We are very thankful for everyone’s participation in this Weekly Giveaway. This past week, we surveyed people on our facebook page about the Weekly Giveaways. We wanted to see how all of you felt about them and if you were in the mood to relax a little bt in the giveaway department. So, we have one more weekly giveaway that starts this weekend, then we hope to have everything in place for an entirely new kind of Giveaway that will be simpler and faster paced for everyone. ¬†We hope you will join us then as we usher in a new season of Giveaways from Everything Birth.

Thanks to everyone for a fantastic summer of Giveaways, discussions and fluff addiction!

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