Warning to California Residents: New, potentially dangerous drug emerges!!!

We all need to be very nervous, as a company out of California, called Diamond Food, Inc., still peddles what the FDA referred to as a potentially unsafe, unapproved new drug.

You’ve seen this drug at super markets. Heck, you’ve even seen them growing on trees… Trees your children could play near!

The FDA sent Diamond Food, Inc. notification of their unsafe practices threatening  seizure of these potentially unsafe drugs or an injunction.  Thank goodness too! We can’t just have these potentially dangerous drugs out there for anyone to get their hands on without a prescription from a doctor.

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I don’t care if there are studies to back up potential benefits of these “drugs”. If the FDA hasn’t even had the opportunity to thoroughly test a new drug, (like they could have with drugs like Yasmin, Darvocet, Celexa or Vioxx) it shouldn’t just be allowed out there, available for all of us, right?!  I mean, the thought of an unapproved drug just growing on trees in our own back yards is very unnerving.

Please, I urge you, take a moment and read the letter to this company from the FDA, because it’s frightening.

Can you even BELIEVE that Diamond Food, Inc. would suggest:

• “Studies indicate that the omega-3 fatty acids found in walnuts may help lower cholesterol; protect against heart disease, stroke and some cancers; ease arthritis and other inflammatory diseases; and even fight depression and other mental illnesses.

• “[O]mega-3 fatty acids inhibit the tumor growth that is promoted by the acids found in other fats … “

• “[I]n treating major depression, for example, omega-3s seem to work by making it easier for brain cell receptors to process mood-related signals from neighboring neurons.”

• “The omega-3s found in fish oil are thought to be responsible for the significantly lower incidence of breast cancer in Japanese women as compared to women in the United States.”

The sooner we get this dangerous new drug off the market, the better. It’s getting out of hand actually:

“The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has said that the 2010 Californian walnut yield is expected to come in at 510,000 short tons – 17 percent more than last year’s crop and double the 2000 harvest.”

Seventeen percent more yield?!  As if we didn’t have enough of this potentially unsafe drug already?! It gets worse, did you know that The United States ranks as the second largest producer of walnuts in the world?

What I don’t get though, is that from the looks of it, our very own USDA is in on this drug pushing. Check out the article I found on the USDA’s site claiming much of the same information that Diamond Food, Inc. did. Only the USDA article is dated a few years earlier!

I just think we should all take a minute to write to Ms. Robinson and her team at the FDA to thank them for everything that they are doing to protect us from potentially unsafe drugs like walnuts.

Latasha Robinson
Food and Drug Administration
Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
5100 Paint Branch Parkway
Office of Compliance (HFS-608)
Division of Enforcement
College Park, Maryland 20740-3835


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