Every Mother Should Own a Moby Wrap

I know that sounds dramatic. Moby Wraps are that awesome though. I really can not stress enough the raddness of the Moby WrapMoby Wrap

While other kinds of wraps are equally as awesome, the Moby Wrap is the perfect wrap for beginners because its stretchy cotton leaves room for errors. Even if you don’t have the perfect tie, it will work out for you as you learn. Perfecting the “hold” takes a little time, but the Moby Wrap will be there for you, supporting your baby while you learn. Here’s why I think that the Moby Wrap is the greatest product on earth:

  • The light material is very comfortable for both mom and baby.
  • The design allows for discrete breastfeeding.
  • It comes in one size, so you don’t have to worry about getting the right fit with different body sizes and shapes.
  • It carries babies from birth to about three years.
  • It is machine washable. You can toss it in with just about any other load.
  • It is actually comfortable, I’m not just saying that.
  • It uses your entire back to support the baby rather than your shoulders.
  • It is actually hands free unlike sling carriers.
  • It splays the baby’s legs for proper hip and spine development. (Ask your chiropractor.)

With my oldest child, I used a sling, and I sincerely thought it was so awesome. But as it turned out, what I liked about it was that I was carrying my baby. When I owned a brick and mortar natural parenting store, I had countless companies let me try out their baby carriers. Moby Wraps, through it all though were my very best sellers. They kept me in business. These baby carriers are that rad.

I have zero problems telling you that I believe the Moby Wrap is the very best of all baby carriers. I know that’s subjective, but I believe it with my whole heart. If I was in charge of all of your parenting choices, I would decide that you will use a Moby Wrap.

There are a few tricks that make Moby Wrapping easier, and in the video below, I have provided you with detailed instructions. I’m sorry about my weird Michigan accent, but I promise the tricks I offer will make learning to tie the Moby Wrap very easy. If you have any other questions, you can find me on our Community Forum and we can discuss it there with the help of all of our Diaper Parties reps.

Just in case you’re wondering, I don’t work incognito for Moby Wrap. I don’t own stock in Moby Wrap. And the only family association I have with Moby Wrap is that almost all of my family owns at least one. Grandmas and Grandpas included. Everything Birth lets me blog about almost anything I want. This review is completely from the heart.  I have no reason in the world to put Moby Wrap up on a pedestal like this, except that I fully believe they belong up there.

We’d love to see pictures of you using your Moby Wrap if you have one, so please post them on our facebook page.  And if you DON’T have one, well…. get one. 😉





        • Dawn Papple

          It’s just that when you put it on, you put it in flat flat against yo and lay it right up close to your body. Did you see how I flattened as I went. It takes a while for the first five or six times when you do it. I wonder, if your baby is smaller, do you know you should start up further on your belly. Like, the first step could be positioned up to five or so inches higher on your belly.

  1. We have been using our Moby wrap since we took Meo home from the hospital and love it! It didnt really take long to figure out and it is so comfortable to wear. The first time I went for a walk with him, it just felt right…like he belonged there or like I was pregnant again. I have even taken him hiking up a mountain in his Moby wrap. The only downside is it gets pretty hot and does take some time to put on and off (not much). So when I am in the house and just want to finish making my sandwich and was a few plates I usually reach for my sling so I can quickly pop him in for a few minutes before I feed him.the Moby is great for of Ian plannin on wearing him for a while

    • Dawn Papple

      The ring slings are really bad for your back though… I have a crooked spine I’d like to enter in as evidence. lol. The chiropractors I consulted with when I was opening my own store years ago were adamant that I not push ring slings unless they were to be used for short periods of time for convenience. You are going to LOVE your moby.

  2. Lani

    Actually, the Moby wrap becomes difficult and unsafe after baby hits around 15 lbs. The stretchy material will sag with weight and it’s hard to get a good tight wrap with it, unless you are using another Moby product, the Dolcino or another woven wrap.

    • Dawn Papple

      Well, that’s quite not true. I do appreciate that many people don’t tie it right. But it’s safe to wear up to 35 pounds. You just fold it and put it on the way I did in this video. I’ve worn babies for hours with no issues and the safety precautions say 35 pounds. (Though I’ve used it with even heavier toddlers.) If you tie it like I did above, you can use it and no other carrier for the whole course of babywearing. I used to own a store and this was my best product and I have taught HUNDREDS of women how to wear even toddlers in this comfortably for long periods like festivals and such. You just have to make sure it’s folded in half and tied properly. 🙂 That’s why I suggest folding in half right from the beginning so that you create a habit of it so you can use it forever!

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