Having a baby shower? Want to register for our products?

baby shower register giftIf you are lucky enough to be given a shower before your baby arrives, please consider our online registry for Everything Birth. It’s very simple to set up if you follow this link.

I know so many of you are awesome participants in Everything Birth’s giveaways, on Everything Birth’s Facebook page, and on our Community Forum. Many of you even are active on our online mom-specific classified website, Birth Depot; but if only I had a nickle for everything I heard one of you tell me, “Oh no! I didn’t know you had a registry! I just had my shower!”

I know so many women who are overwhelmed by the start up costs of cloth diapering. I’ve addressed this topic in a previous blog, but I want to address it again. One of the easiest ways to handle this(if you are blessed enough to be having a baby shower) is to register for your cloth diapers with Everything Birth.

Sometimes relatives mention that they feel weird or cheap about buying “just a diaper.” If you are open about it though and explain that it’s something that you are very excited about, they usually come around. They often get excited too if you explain that since cloth diapers are washable, they’re essentially buying you the equivalent of about a thousand disposable diapers. Their normal baby shower gift multiplies exponentially in value! Show them a photo of one of the cloth diapers you have chosen, sometimes seeing the difference can help them get excited about it too. Explain that cash invested in a cloth diaper is a better financial investment than even investing it into a Savings Bond. For around twenty bucks, they can purchase a great affordable shower gift worth its weight in gold.



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  1. I created a registry with the fabulous Rachel Hall of Diaper Parties, then she came to my shower. Everyone was asked on the invitation to come shop at the party for a gift. I received all the diapers and extras I needed and not tons of blankets and clothes that I didn’t need! Super easy!

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