Brand of the Month: Kelly Wels' Changing Diapers

Last month, I wrote  a review of Kelly Wels’ awesome new book, Changing Diapers.  This month, Kelly Wels’ book is our featured Everything Birth “Brand of the Month.”

This is exciting because the book is absolutely filled to the brim with useful information!  It will be the perfect way have the info they learn online on hand in case the “pregnancy brain” starts acting up.  I’m not very big on useless extra baby items. I never got a changing table for example. I hate wasting money on something so temporary.

This book, while not “necessary” is a very good investment though.  I think it will be a great tool for all new others to have on hand.

I’ve been thinking about this book though quite a bit since I read it, and I think I have come to a conclusion on the book’s most useful function:

Explaining to the Nay-Sayers.

I know that if you’ve chosen the path of cloth diapering, you know what I’m talking about. It’s so annoying to have to repeat the same reasoning for choosing the best diapering solution for your child to random family members who disagree with your choice.

So, see, now, suddenly, Changing Diapers has shown that it’s also capable of morphing into a weapon of self defense!  If you have this book in your diaper bag, then the next time a “concerned friend” or “loving aunt” starts asking you a million annoying questions about cloth, you can simply say, “Hold that thought!” Then, reach into your diaper bag, and hand them the book. Tell them it explains everything. Then say, “On that note, I have to use the restroom. Enjoy!”

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