GMO studies/ Advertising studies shine a new light on passing breastfeeding judgement.

Very few things can get a group of mamas riled up like a post about breastfeeding. Just last night, the photo below was posted on one of my Facebook friend’s wall and it got 438 shares and well over seven hundred comments in about a day!

There were facts shared and insults thrown. It was insane. But if you’re a seasoned online mama, you are not the least bit surprised. That just is how it is, right? Breastfeeding advocates are judgmental nazis and formula-feeding moms are lazy liars. Right?

Well… Hopefully not for long.

Two imperative pieces of the puzzle have recently shown up that could show an entirely new picture.

Agriculture Toxin Studies show that some moms might not be lying after all.

One of the biggest arguments online about breastfeeding occurs when a mom claims she didn’t make enough milk. Breast feeders everywhere call BS and say these women are liars. These women swear up and down that they are not lying. Then you read a breastfeeding mom sarcastically say, “Well, then you’re one of the less than 1%. It’s amazing that you guys all swear that you’re in that less than 1%.”

Here’s the thing… In a natural world less than 1% of women cannot breastfeed, but in the US, we’re not living in a natural world anymore. What I’m about to explain should have made headlines and should still be making headlines, but it isn’t. So, very few people know about it.

This odd phenomenon where women with fully developed breasts say they are incapable of producing milk is actually easily explained by comparing two groups of girls living in Mexico that were differentiated ONLY by their geographical location in relation to agriculture that uses herbicides. Herbicides and pesticides were shown to significantly decrease mammary tissue development.

These girls don’t have small boobs, they just have malfunctioning boobs. So, tell me, how exactly are malfunctioning boobs supposed to produce and adequate milk supply?


Formula advertising studies show that advertising works.

On the flip side, you have women who, according to breastfeeding advocates, “don’t even bother trying.” Well, I propose that these women don’t deserve our judgement either. In the Philippines, (which is the subject of this next study) around 88 million dollars is spent by the manufacturers annually on marketing baby formula. According to that study, advertising really works. In the survey, 59.1 percent of the mothers recalled an infant formula advertisement. And since being bombarded with advertising, these women are switching to formula at alarming rates. Women exposed to this skillful advertising are choosing formula between two and four times more than the women who were not exposed to it.

What’s worse is, even though the WHO has guidelines for limited advertising on formula, because they know advertising works,  when the Philippine government tried to tighten its advertising laws for formula, the greedy formula companies took it to court! Citing freedom of speech, the supreme court ultimately refused to ban formula ads in the Philippines. While that makes me feel sad for women in the Philippines, women in the US have been bombarded with formula ads for decades now without reprieve.  Every year, in my opinion, the ads get even more sparkly and more glamorous, and breasts are simply having a hard time competing in the baby feeding market due to limited funds.

I get way more into my feelings about the fine line the formula companies are walking sacrificing our children to fatten their wallets in a previous blog.

The point I’m making now though is that we are brainwashed to feel safe in our country. We are brainwashed to think that our corporations have to follow certain codes of ethics. Should women who are victimized by advertising really be judged so harshly?  The formula companies invest millions and millions and millions of dollars to make formula look like the best choice. Then, they say they aren’t being lying jerks because, after all, they print a tiny little disclaimer that says that breastfeeding is the healthiest choice on the tin can. Women believe lies and then we judge them for it? Who is the real bad guy here?


We need to stop this, NOW.

Formula feeding moms: Please understand, we didn’t know.

Breastfeeding moms: Formula feeding women do not deserve our judgement.

Yes, breastfeeding is so much healthier for babies. It’s a simple fact.

  • Yes, formula feeding shows a 5.8 times increased risk of all-cause deaths in the first two months of life.
  • Yes, formula feeding increases the incidences of childhood leukemia.
  • Yes, formula feeding increases the rates of diabetes.
  • Yes, breastfeeding provides babies with natural immunity.
  • And on… and on… and on…

However, formula feeding moms are not the antagonist in this story of infant health, the corporations that are willing to sacrifice our children’s health in order to promote their products are.

Let’s get it right, we will find we are stronger if we stand together against them and demand ethical business practices.




  1. Callie

    I tried so hard to breastfeed, I wanted to sooo bad, but I did not even get ONE drop to come out. Due to our child, my husband and I have changed our eating habits just so our kid will not ask, well if your eating that, why can’t I? As well as other reasons. After reading this, it helps expain some of why my milk never developed, hopefully after changing quite a bit of our habits, that with the next child I will actually produce some milk 🙂

    • Dawn Babcock Papple

      I’m not sure that it will work quite that way though, because the development of mammary glands happens during puberty. If you are concerned that this is the case, you can have your doctor actually check the development of your mammary glands. I’d be willing to be there are herbs that can stimulate growth… but I’ll have to look into that.

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  3. there are many “bad guys” in this story. It is easy to blame both Big Ag sources of food filled with poison and formula cos that see a way to make more than a buck. But there are always many people to blame. The individual women themselves can make better choices. Americans do not pay attention to their food sources. Yes, maybe it will take a few generations to fix the boobies and restore breast-feeding integrity, but individual choices are always a part of it. Sadly, according to this article some women are suffering from what there grandmas ate and their lifestyles. Lifestyles can change and so can the way we do things. Women and men….NEED to step up and start THINKING on their own. the main problem is “institutionalization.” Most people go through their schooling which is in itself and institution of creating human puppets. We read ads, buy crap, eat crap, and are NOT thinking. Most people are taught NOT to think about their world and make challenges to the status quo. So really, the main issues are passive institutionalization and capitalization–both are to blame.

  4. jillian

    Great article! But you forgot one group of women! Im an exclusive pumper! I was never able to breastfeed my daughter, even with the help of LC’s. I pump my breast milk with the help of medication, ordered outside of this country. Every 3 hours to keep up with demand, as a pump will NEVER get out as much as a baby. My milk never came in fully. I live by “every drop counts” Breastfeeding mothers are the meanest women i have dealt with. They just dont understand why i cant just put her to my breast. and formulas moms just think im crazy.

    Im not sure if there is a medical reason behind my supply issues. But im leaning more toward my supply was not established in the beginning because she would not take my nipple, and they advised me to use the shield which seemed to make matters worse. and were told exclusive pumping was not an option. months later we are still here 🙂

    we are looking to get pregnant again in the next 6 months and have made the choice to go natural in our homes cleansers, personal items and food. I had no idea what they put into those items…again feeling more guilt of being less then a good mom…sighs… im not sure if there will be any difference, but i will give it my all! and hopefully my daughter will later understand how important breast milk was for me, and be able to feed her daughter much easier.

    so breast feeding mamas, dont treat bottle mamas so harsh. You have no idea what is in that bottle. I cant tell you the number of nasty looks i got, when feeding my baby her bottle of BREAST MILK! You dont know the mourning I went through. the loss of breastfeeding is horrible and if you have to use formula so your child wont starve to death…try talking yourself into that formula is not poison and your child needs it to survive. you learn this is not about your pride and ideals, this is about your baby. you have no idea how tired i am, pumping every 3 hours day and night ( then feeding and cleaning bottles, its twice as much work) you dont know my $200 a month habit of lactation pills that help me produce liquid gold. So please dont pass judgement, its hard enough to feel all alone, where no mama understands you. Every drops counts no matter how they get it! and no formula is not the same, but sometimes you have to swallow your pride and do the very best for your child. mothering can not be about guilt!

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