Dioxins in the Diapers.

Disposable diapers contain dioxins from the bleaching process.

“There’s just a little bitty amount of dioxins, so it’s OK.”

However, diapers are the one constant in a baby’s life. They are on the baby’s body every hour… of every day… for a few years. Besides, even small amounts of dioxins have a noticeable impact on lab animals. Why would infant children not be susceptible to the toxicity of dioxins?

If they already get some from the environment, should we be exposing them on top of that constantly with their diapers?

The Illinios Department of Public Health says that dioxins are absorbed into the human body through skin contact. They are then distributed throughout the body. Whether dioxins cause a health effect is determined by the dose, which depends on a few factors including how long a person has been exposed to them.

Hmmm… I wonder if all day, every day, for a few years is considered a lot of exposure?

“Most people use disposable diapers, so obviously they’re safe.”

I challenge that statement by asking, how is that obvious?  When I was an infant, disposable diapers didn’t even exist. I’m only thirty five years old.  Think about this:

According to  the WHO, “Dioxins are highly toxic and can cause reproductive and developmental problems, damage the immune system, interfere with hormones and also cause cancer.”  So, before it remains sooooo obvious that disposable diapers and their dioxins are so safe, can we consider:

  •  The National Institutes of Health found that for decades, sperm counts in the US have fallen annually about 1.5%.
  • Since I was young, we have seen a drastic increase in pervasive developmental disorders.
  • Since I was born, childhood cancers have increased. You will see people talking about how the mortality rate has dropped, which is true, but the incidences have risen substantially.  I guess we should be thankful in advancement of screening and treatments and ignore the fact that cancer rates among children have risen?
Now, there’s no chance this is JUST from diapers. However, disposable diapers do contain dioxin.  Why should we add more toxins to their bodies?


American children are not healthy children. The rates of chronically ill children in the US has quadrupled since the years just before I was born. About HALF of all US children have a chronic health condition.


There’s many factors that add to the decline of the health of our children, but disposable diapers should be looked at critically by each and every parent who chooses to use them.


Dioxins have been called, “One of the most toxic substances known to humans.”  Yet, they’re in babies’ diapers.


And that’s just one of the toxins in the disposable diaper’s arsenal.


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