Green Tea Helps Get Rid of Body Fat… For Real.

win free diapersWe’ve all heard it before: Drink Green Tea and it will help you lose weight.

Well, according to a study done by the Department of Chemical Biology and the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, at Rutgers- The State University of New Jersey, it’s more than just a little helpful.

Everyone knows that our high fat, western diet is horribly unhealthy and leads to obesity. What I found startling was that, even when a high fat, Western diet is present, Green Tea is still highly effective at shedding pounds.  The study said that Green Tea still significantly reduced body weight gain.

It gets better though. The test said that even when a high fat, Western diet is present, Green Tea decreased blood glucose (which indicates promise for diabetics) and  ALT  levels (which indicates a healthier liver function.)

I’m not suggesting that anybody continue eating garbage and just use Green Tea to fix the problem. I just wanted to point out that if Green Tea can help off set the damage from a high fat American diet, imagine the benefits of it when coupled with a healthy diet!

Drink up ladies; three cups a day. It’s tea time!


  1. meg

    Great news about green tea. Please don’t give fat a bad rap. Diets low in fat have not been shown to decrease any health problems. Moderation is key. Fat satiates the appetite; removing fats from items only increases consumption leading to obesity.

  2. Dawn Papple

    The benefits are expected at 3 cups. And I am not sure of brands.

    Meg, Americans have an enormous obesity issue. I never said fat in foods are bad. I said that the high fat western diet is bad. It’s a HORRIBLE diet. The western diet consists of very bad fats. I disagree that moderation is key when talking about the high fat western diet. I feel that embracing GOOD fats is key. 😉

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