Happy Thanksgiving, are you ready for tomorrow?

At Everything Birth, we are so thankful for such a wonderful year. We have been blessed with so many new clients and this business is booming.  We are thankful for what that means to the company, but tremendously grateful for what that says about the attitudes of our fellow Americans.  In part, the economic crisis has certainly twisted some arms, forcing them to choose more economical parenting styles. However this year, we have seen so many of you thrilled with your cloth diapering and natural parenting choices.  We know that this exponential growth trend will continue as our movement gains even more momentum in the year ahead.

Kelly Wels’ book, Changing Diapers, is reaching the coffee tables across the country and with it, new beliefs in gentle parenting are surfacing. Our Facebook Page’s followers alone has grown exponentially in numbers and the conversations that we have with each of you on that page each day demonstrate that the cloth diapering and natural parenting lifestyle is growing as well. We couldn’t be more proud of our part in the movement and we couldn’t be more thankful for each of you.

Consequently, this year, for Black Friday, we are in the unique position to be offering you our best Black Friday deals ever. It will happen fast and continuously. All day, we will be offering tremendous bargains on many of your favorite products.  If you’re shopping from home this year, keep an eye on our facebook page.  Check in frequently. You are going to be so thrilled when you see what we are going to be offering you. If you’re out and about, be sure to check in on your phone. If you don’t have that kind of phone,  take a few moments to check your computer when you stop home to make sure the babysitter (or father) hasn’t been devoured by the children.

We simply can not wait to see your reactions!

Happy Thanksgiving… and safe shopping. 😉

Inside Kely Wel's Changing Diapers book



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