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During the month of December, Everything Birth’s Brand of the Month is Stick around Labels! Heather sent me some to try out. (Have I mentioned how much I like being a product tester for Everything Birth?) They are every bit as awesome as she told me they would be.

For starters, they are very good quality. You know sometimes you order a print item and the actual product looks like some trashy version of what was pictured in the online store?  These are not like that. These look exactly like in their photos, except that mine said, “Patrick” because these labels are personalized.

Secondly, 96 labels is plenty of labels. At first, when I saw on EB that there were 96 labels, I thought that maybe these labels might be over priced. I mean, what’s 96 labels really? With my drained mama brain obviously I had no idea what stickers like this cost or how much 96 actually is. Don’t make my mistake. At around 31 cents for a personalized label, these are actually even cheaper than most of the labels you can buy at the discount print stores that don’t stick to anything longer than five nanoseconds. When I actually got the labels though, I soon realized  how many labels 96 labels is.  When you add together all of his clothes, trainers, and random other things you can legitimately label, I still couldn’t come up with 96 things. It’s alright though, I’m sure he’ll get more stuff in a couple of weeks. (Christmas is coming up.)

Lastly, kids apparently go nuts for things with their names on them. I never got to know this kind of wonder. At the store, they never had pencils, key chains, or stickers with “Dawn” on them. I never could get that. Dawn seemed like a normal enough name. Apparently not. I’m sure there were only like 20 names to choose from, but apparently I’ve always had difficulty comprehending quantities of things because to me, it seemed like they had thousands of name, but not mine.  My older brother Joe had plenty of  “personalized” options. He was so lucky. My younger brother, having spelled his name JON instead of John, was in the same boat with me. Now, thanks to Stick Around Labels, no child has to be in our crappy un-personalized boat. While I’m sure we would have had no problems finding personalize “Patrick” stickers, it’s important to remember the “five nanoseconds of stick” concept to realize why my son is so excited.


NEW From Stick Around Labels!

Personalize your cloth diaper labels with your child’s name so that you never lose your cloth diapers or get mixups at daycare. Or add your child’s name for a personal touch to your diapers!


  • self-adhesive (peel & stick), waterproof, laundry safe & cloth diaper safe labels, specifically designed to withstand cloth diapering.
  • 96 total labels per sheet
  • Dimensions: 1″ x .5″
  • Perfect solution to no sew or iron on labeling!
  • Stick Around Labels are made with a revolutionary, adhesive, waterproof & washable material with a matte finish.
  • Waterproof laundry safe labels that are designed specifically to withstand cloth diapering.
  • Apply to any care tag on any garment.



Peel & stick to the garment care tag only. If your cloth diapers do not have any sort of care tag, you do NOT want to apply this to any part of the fabric as it could affect the waterproof material.

These labels have been tested in an every other day cloth diaper wash cycle for months of hot wash cycles, some dryer use, monthly vinegar rinse cycles, baking soda & borax use, as well as the recommended cloth diaper safe detergents (dye & perfume free).

Our labels are waterproof and laundry safe. Many childcare facilities require parents to label everything you bring with the child. Now you can label your cloth diapers too!

Other great uses for these labels include:

  • clothing, hats & mittens, sports equipment, coats
  • bathing suits & towels
  • stuffed animals & blankets & more!


96 labels




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