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Everything Birth is extremely popular and we are grateful for all of the customers and support.  Did you realize though that along with Everything Birth we also have an entirely separate outlet just for midwife supplies? Everything Birth’s midwifery and home birth supply store can be found here.  If you know of a midwife, please pass along the address for the store. If you are a midwife, please take a look at our inventory. If you’re just a regular old self-empowered woman like me, I’d like to point out a couple of little gems that are hidden away on the midwife site of Everything Birth.

Basic Homeopathic Midwife Kit

One of the highlights of this page, for me, given that I am not a midwife, is the Midwife Homeopathic Kits that are sold on there.  I might not be a midwife, but I am a woman and these kits offer the very best homeopathic remedies for WOMEN.  I absolutely do not recommend that you get the Hylands Advanced Midwifery Kit because the potencies that are in that kit are more for a professional to administer. At those potencies, using the wrong remedy might make that remedy useless to you in the future if you ever needed it.  The  kit called the “Basic Homeopathic Midwife Kit” though is in what would be considered OTC potency. They are still very strong and will work well for acute female issues, but they are not so strong that using them improperly would ruin their effectiveness at a later date if you ever needed to consult with a professional homeopath.

Howes Birth Mirror

The Howes Birth Mirror  is worth every penny because not only will it assist you (at your own leisure) to see what is going on during your delivery (homebirth, birth center, or hospital) but this mirror will never be rendered useless.  It will assist you as you check on tears from birth in the weeks that follow. Most importantly though, it will assist you in checking out your female region over the coming years.  Looking at our own anatomy is crucial as we age. There’s plenty of things that can go awry and knowing what you normally look like will allow you to know if something has changed.

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