New Giveaway Goal: Stick Around Labels at 4500 likes!

For this Giveaway Goal, Everything Birth will be giving away a set of personalized  Stick Around Labels if our Facebook fan page makes it to 4500 likes by December 15th. I talk more about them on this previous post because these cloth diaper safe labels also happen to be our Brand of the Month right now.

Heather sent me a set to try out for my son, Patrick, and they are everything they claim to be and better. I still haven’t used all of them. I didn’t realize how many 96 labels actually was. It’s a lot. You really get your money’s worth on these labels.

Although, I guess, no money is needed at the moment for this giveaway! You’ll just need to do a tiny bit of fan page sharing to help us accomplish this Goal.

The best thing about the labels is that they are professional quality. They stick very well, even when washed, which makes them great for diapers or clothing. Some people like to keep their children’s diapers separate for various reasons and these labels can make that easy.  They also come in handy if your child goes to day care. I’ve considered letting my husband put them on socks. He hates the slight differences of sock size between my socks, Noah’s socks and Patrick’s socks. I’m kind of a dork, so having socks with my name on them would be rad, my oldest son though is 10 and waaaaayyyy to cool to have labels on his socks. So, don’t think I’m suggesting labeling your ten year old’s ANYTHING with name stickers. I am not. (See warning below.)

For complete rules, click here. They’re really not too terribly complex though. To be entered, you just need to comment once on this post. The only thing is, if we don’t make it to 4500 likes by December 15th, then this Giveaway Goal challenge will be closed  until a later date. Good luck! I know you guys can do it. We have the best fans and customers I’ve I’ve ever seen.  Plus, these labels are awesome, so I set the Goal kind of low so that you guys get a chance to try these out so you can tell everyone how great they are!

Warning: Do not stick these labels on anything belonging to your “pre-teen” or teenager without their expressed written consent. We also recommend that you get that document witnessed and copied in triplicate. 😉 For all other children, have at it! They will be sooooo excited!


Personalize your cloth diaper labels with your child’s name so that you never lose your cloth diapers or get mixups at daycare. Or add your child’s name for a personal touch to your diapers!


  • self-adhesive (peel & stick), waterproof, laundry safe & cloth diaper safe labels, specifically designed to withstand cloth diapering.
  • 96 total labels per sheet
  • Dimensions: 1″ x .5″
  • Perfect solution to no sew or iron on labeling!
  • Stick Around Labels are made with a revolutionary, adhesive, waterproof & washable material with a matte finish.
  • Waterproof laundry safe labels that are designed specifically to withstand cloth diapering.
  • Apply to any care tag on any garment.



Peel & stick to the garment care tag only. If your cloth diapers do not have any sort of care tag, you do NOT want to apply this to any part of the fabric as it could affect the waterproof material.

These labels have been tested in an every other day cloth diaper wash cycle for months of hot wash cycles, some dryer use, monthly vinegar rinse cycles, baking soda & borax use, as well as the recommended cloth diaper safe detergents (dye & perfume free).

Our labels are waterproof and laundry safe. Many childcare facilities require parents to label everything you bring with the child. Now you can label your cloth diapers too!

Other great uses for these labels include:

  • clothing, hats & mittens, sports equipment, coats
  • bathing suits & towels
  • stuffed animals & blankets & more!


96 labels



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