Last Chance to Win the Kissaluvs!

free cloth diapesFor this season’s Giveaways we are asking that you pool your resources together and work collaboratively. There can still be only one winner but instead of competing against eachother, you will be a team working against the clock!

As of this second, our Facebook fanpage has 4627 people liking it. We know you can get us to 5000 likes by 2012. If you do, then one of you will be winning a new Kissaluvs fitted diaper in M/L. The rules are all explained in the Giveaways tab in the orange header ribbon above this blog post. Very simply, all you have to do is comment on this blog post saying that you want to win and if we meet our goal, you are entered to win automatically. If you previously posted on an old Giveaway blog post for this prize, your entry will not count.

The great thing about this give away is you don’t have to keep track of your work like in other giveaway. You don’t have to post a bunch of times in the replies. You don’t have to like a bunch of random pages on Facebook or twitter. To be entered, just reply to this blog post. It is that simple.

The only catch is, if we don’t get to 5000 Facebook likes, this Giveaway is over, and nobody wins the prize.

owlKissaluvs quality and functioning is equalled by only the very best diapers from the very best manufacturers.  They are in the All-Star team of the cloth diapering world. Kissaluvs as a manufacturer even surpasses many other manufacturers in commitment to the planet. They are one of the most ecologically sound companies we work with.

I really want one of you to win this Giveaway, so I am going to try my hardest in my free time to help you guys meet the goal. I love Kissaluvs and our readers that much.

Some of the ways I generally stir up the Facebook social marketing dust that people often don’t think of is that I don’t just focus on my own wall. I don’t just share things with my friends.  I find other pages and groups and I share the pertinent blog on their wall while tagging the Facebook page I want to get attention. I don’t like to do this with sales, because that’s so spammy. Most people enjoy knowing about a good Giveaway though.  So if you want to help get Everything Birth’s Facebook page to the Giveaway Goal, this is one way you can help.  Find other cloth diapering discussion pages and let them know of this Giveaway. They will be happy to know about it and you will often even end up with new friend requests as a result!

Now have a ton of fun helping us get the word out about cloth!


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