Cloth Diapers: One of the Best Ways to Invest a Tax Refund.

So, it’s tax time, and some of us are lucky enough to be getting a refund check from the IRS. Whatever will you do with all that money?

Well, obviously, the best thing to do will be to pay off any high interest debt you have, but consider this for a moment: Cash invested in a cloth diaper is a better financial investment than even investing it into a Savings Bond. In fact a good cloth diaper is easily worth its weight in gold. In the past, we discussed preparing for the start up costs of cloth diapering. If you happen to be getting some money back though, saving and scrimping for your baby’s healthiest diapering option won’t even be difficult. Granted, you could convince people to buy you cloth diapers if you are lucky enough to have someone throw you a shower, but if you have some extra money coming to you, I say go for it!

Need a couple of financially convincing points to mention to your spouse:

  • Cloth diapers last through multiple children. This is not just a cost saver once, it’s a cost saver, potentially many times over.
  • When you’re all done having children, and you’re ready to retire the awesome cloth diapers you purchase, you can then resell them here for a few hundred dollars.

Right now, there’s a huge sale on the FuzziBunz limited series Diaper Talk diapers. In a previous blog, I explained the bizarre phenomenon that happens with FuzziBunz limited edition diapers and the kind of financial return you can expect to gain from getting in on these deals.

Suddenly you’ve saved thousands of dollars, made a good choice for your baby’s health, and in the end, you get much of your money back by selling them on top of the thousands that you saved. While your at it, maybe you could stock up on reusables for yourself too… Aunt Flo often comes to visit sooner than we expect!

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