Other Amazing Uses for Our Clay Face Masks

Made with Mountain Rose Herbs French Green Clay

Inside each and every  Garden Dreams TLC Mini-Kit is a little gem of a product: The Clay Face Mask.

The Clay Face Mask is a combination of Green French Clay and Organic Oatmeal. Oatmeal on its own nourishes our skin. It’s in skin products in every grocery store and pharmacy in the country. The real amazing thing in this mask though is the Green French Clay. This is a very under recognized healing tool for your skin, not just the skin on your face. Green French Clay not only has minerals good for the skin, but is known for its enormous absorbent powers. It will pull toxins right out of your skin.  It has many qualities including its ability to  bring fresh blood to damaged skin cells and consequently revitalize the complexion and tighten pores.

Green French Clay does more than that though. Both animals and humans have used clay minerals for therapeutic purposes since prehistoric time. In more recent research, Green Clay was found to promote the healing of infected wounds. The mechanism of the antibacterial action is still under investigation but it appears as though the clay does not actually physically penetrate the bacterial cells. Experimental results suggest that when water is mixed with the dry Green French Clay a chemical condition which is detrimental to the growth of pathogenic bacteria occurs. Still another study found that green clay as well as some other types provided an antibacterial effect against Staphylococcus Aureus that was isolated from a skin infection. It should be noted that this test was done in vitro, but it seems to possibly explain the ancient use of clay to fight infections in wounds. A search of pubmed for Green French Clay will pull up so many more interesting uses for this natural skin beautifier, but the FDA’s rules prohibit me from discussing anything more than basic self-limiting conditions regarding a product that Everything Birth actually sells.

Garden Dreams Clay Mask

You won’t be sorry you bought any of the products in the TLC Mini-Kit, but if you’ve battled skin woes as I have, the Clay Face Mask will be the unexpected bonus that makes this kit worth so much more than its retail value.

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