Get the most out of your cloth Training Pants.

GroVia My Choice Trainer PanelsRemember those early days of pregnancy just before you had to make the switch to maternity pants? I tried to get the most out of my pre-pregnancy jeans by situating a rubber band into the button hole and then covering everything up with a gigantic sweatshirt. That bought me a few extra inches.

Fast-forward almost three years and that same concept can buy you some extra time in training pants that would otherwise be too small for your growing baby toddler.

Now, Everything Birth carries the  Plus Size Side-Flex™ Panels for your My Choice Trainer. Unlike that irritating rubber band from the first trimester though, these puppies are stylish and comfy. The extra stretch not only buys you some time, perhaps avoiding purchasing all new trainers, but it also makes training easier on your toddler with easy pull-up “underpants.”

These are meant to be used with the Gro-Via My Choice Trainer, which are especially cool because they do have the hidden pocket where you can stuff some extra inserts in for nap-time or bed-time quality absorbency. These extenders are only $3.95, so get a few in different colors to make this exciting time even more fun for your child!

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