Why I love and also HATE FuzziBunz cloth diapers.

The tag of my insanely old FuzziBunz.

I love FuzziBunz. I love how well they work. I love how soft they are. I love how well they fit all three of my different shapes of children. Bla bla bla. I was just talking to a friend though, explaining how frustrating FuzziBunz are. My FuzziBunz simply would not give up. I got my first (and pretty much only) set of FuzziBunz on trade ten years ago. I did a little writing for one of the programs that FuzziBunz (Then Mother of Eden) was working on back then in exchange for a set of diapers.

They were awesome. I got a mix of gender neutral colors and boy colors. There were 12 in that original set. So, we used the same set for three years. See, sizing on FuzziBunz is for optimal fit, but in reality, you can make most of the sizes fit any child because they’re so adjustable, much to a fluff addicts dismay.

When I was done with them, I sold many of them. I loaned some of them out and got them back a couple of years later, just in time to use them on my stepson. By this time, I had a brick and mortar store, much like Everything Birth and FuzziBunz were my featured diaper. We used the remainders of that set on my step son. Of course, I purchased a few more to replace the ones I sold a few years earlier for the price I paid for them. When I got pregnant and learned I was having a girl, I thought, “Awesome, now I can get a whole new set of girl FuzziBunz at cost!” You know, since I was a reseller and all. No such luck though, my frugal husband said there was no need, because our diapers were still functioning perfectly. I did convince him we’d need a few more though since both kids would be in them. So, I found a few pretty pink shades and made sure they were always clean in time to go in public with my new baby girl.

But I wanted more.

I was always SO happy on the rare days when I would forget to pack enough diapers at the store and I would be FORCED TO steal a new diaper from myself. Likewise, I was happy when I’d be running late and I had to throw them in the dryer. After all, drying ruins them, right? While I don’t advise YOU dry your FuzziBunz on high heat, I did it all the time and they simply refused to die.

When my daughter needed diaper ointment, I  never bothered to put a liner in the FuzziBunz, because I wanted them ruined. There were so many adorable floral prints coming out and I just wanted to be able to have an excuse to buy them all. I was really stoked when the creams I was told to use started making the FuzziBunz repel. That excitement was short lived though when a simple google search taught my husband he could use Dawn and a scrub brush on them and they were promptly revived.

Seriously, am I going to be giving these things to my grandchildren?! This is getting a little ridiculous. I now wish I had paid cash for them so I could ask for my money back, after all they guaranteed them for a year or something short lived like that… and we’re now going on eleven. In a way, that’s ALMOST false advertising. Right?

So, anyway, if you want to join me in a lifetime of eternal FuzziBunz use (<–That was smarm, not an unofficial warranty.) you can buy some here.


  1. April Teeters

    This is so true! I am a fuzzibunz exclisive user, but my first set got washed with fabric softener, which just means we had to change the sheets if he slept in them overnight. But I totally know how you feel, ad nobody in Wichita carries prints, so I am stuck with the solids. 🙂 I greatly enjoyed the article, my hubby and I both laughed a lot!

  2. Jess G

    I’m a new momma and my diaper of choice is FuzziBunz. I’m so happy to read about your fantastic experience! I was so thrilled when they came out with the 2 new spring prints that I bought both the day they came out! (Little girls can wear whales, too!). Thanks for the chuckles! 🙂

  3. Shelly

    Cute article! I use fuzzibunz mostly and love them too! Some I got from a Craigslist ad and they must be at least 10 years old! The diapers are great workhorses and just seem to get better with time.

  4. I love FB! I use PS Large on my toddler, and I use a GroVia liner to add stuffing at night. I didn’t think I’d like pocket dipes, but they convinced me! I’m so glad a friend included 2 PS smalls in the diapers she gave me!

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