Stop Using Tooth Paste

Last summer, I suggested you stop using mouthwash. Now I’m suggesting you stop using tooth paste too!

There is a cheaper, healthier way to clean your teeth. You can make your own toothpaste. Well, it won’t really be a tooth paste, more like a tooth scrub. And it will make your mouth feel tremendously clean and healthy. There endless recipes for making your own toothpaste inline, but this is the one I use and prefer.

The Ingredients:

Clove Oil!

File:Syzygium aromaticum - Köhler–s Medizinal-Pflanzen-030.jpg

Clove oil (clove bud essential oil) is pretty tasty. They made a yummy flavored gum back in the day out of it. It kills germs freakishly well. If you don’t believe me, ask your dentist what that nice smelling thing they put into dry sockets is. It’s almost entirely clove oil. It tastes wonderful and is fantastic for your mouth health. Also, cloves have been found to have an anti-herpes compound in them, which if you battle with cold sores in your mouth makes this the perfect essential oil to flavor the tooth scrub. Oh, plus, clove oil will help with teeth that are painful for numerous reasons, its why its been added to the “natural” version  Baby Orajel. Our primary purpose for using though will be to flavor our tooth scrub, the other benefits are just bonus points.

Raw Local Honey!

Honey in a tooth paste? If you check a box of normal toothpaste, you’ll see it’s sweetened with all kind of garbage, but honey isn’t being used as a sweetener. Honey is being used to heal our gums and kill bacteria from foods that might be lingering in the crevices of out mouth.  Specialty toothpastes are coming out now using honey as one of the main functioning ingredients. Raw honey won’t cause cavities. In fact, people (myself included) have used it on abscesses to kill infections.

Raw Virgin Coconut Oil!

Unprocessed coconut oil in our tooth scrub will serve many functions as well. Coconut oil contain caprylic acid and it is one of the number one killers of candida (yeast.)  You might not think that you have a yeast issue in your mouth, but if you wake up with white on your tongue, you might consider rethinking. Coconut oil cuts through that white yeasty film with almost no effort, killing germs, and nourishing your tissues while it does.  You may have heard of oil pulling the age old Ayurveda process. I’ve done this before and brushing with coconut oil results in a very similar feel in my mouth. Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know, but Indian belief is that the oils in the mouth will also reduce enamel wear and result in less dental caries. At any rate, that’s just an aside… WE are merely brushing our teeth with this stuff.

DIY Tooth Scrub

I start out with a small mason jar or something like that. I add one cup of the coconut oil warmed from sitting in a sink of hot water. It mixes easier like this. Then, since honey costs a little more, I do only about a quarter cup of honey. You would want that just above room temperature too, but not hot. If it gets too hot like on a stove top, all of the benefits of it for our purpose will be lost. Then, I add about 10 drops of the clove oil. I stir it all together with a fork or my super cool miniature whisk.

That’s it actually. Not nearly as hard as it seems, huh?

Then, I use it to brush my teeth.

Do you have a favorite tooth paste recipe? Why is it your favorite?



  1. Dawn

    You know…I don’t know. I make about a cups worth and brush a few times a day because I love the feel of it And it lasts a couple of months…I’ve never had it go bad on me. But I do go through a tub of coconut oil every couple of months…

  2. Mike

    I do 1 part coconut oil, to 1 part baking soda. Usually about 3 or 4 tablespoons of each. Then I add a bunch of mint oil. Been doing this for the last few months. Love it.

  3. Genevieve

    I’ve read a lot of people saying NOT to use baking soda because it can take the enamel off your teeth.

    I go through a small tub of coconut oil every 3 weeks now. Guess this is one more reason to buy the big jar next time!

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