23% Spike in Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes… No Known Cause. Yeah, right.

A study, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health, was reported on this month at a meeting of the American Diabetes Association. The analysis was among the first to put the actual numbers on the nationwide prevalence of the disease that is harming our children, which can lead to kidney damage, nerve damage, cardiovascular damage, lower quality of life, and even loss of life.

This study included 20,000 children 20 at hospitals and health centers in five states over an 8 year period ending in 2009.
Type 1 diabetics are usually insulin dependent. When I’m in the office at the school, there’s almost always one child or another getting their levels tested.  I know some children who have to carry a machine on their hip.  I’m sure it gets in the way of playing, but their lives depend on it. This is the type of diabetes that was formerly known as Juvenile Diabetes. The growth in  Type 1 Diabetes stumps researchers. They simply CAN NOT figure out for the life of them what triggers the autoimmune response causing this type of diabetes in children or why it’s growing at such a fast rate. They are also stumped as to how to prevent it.
Last year, we learned that a vaccine intended to prevent Type 1 Diabetes failed to deliver any results. I find it rather ironic they looked to a vaccine to prevent Type 1 Diabetes, the autoimmune type of diabetes. So, the immune system starts attacking itself for no real reason, and the country’s most brilliant minds can’t figure out what in the world has changed that could possibly be affecting normal immune functioning.
Yeah, right.
I don’t even have to type the words, do I?
Hey, let’s brainstorm…
What could we possibly be subjecting our children to in an ever-increasing amount that could have an effect on our children’s normal immune functioning?
Just throw out the first thing that pops into your mind.


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