I Finally Got Poison Ivy! Here's how I soothed it…

Up until this week, I had never had Poison Ivy.  While I was weeding around a tree at the new place, my sister-in-law pointed out that I was weeding Poison Ivy.  I wondered what it would be like to get it. I knew that I had a homeopathic remedy that according to the Homeopathic Reference Guide that comes with the Hyland’s kit, is indicated for Poison Ivy symptoms.

Since I had never had it before, I doubted I would need to use the Rhus Tox that I knew Hyland’s suggested to treat Poison Ivy symptoms.  I have to admit, that when I felt the first itchy sensations, I got excited. First, it started by tiny looking pin sized bumps. Those soon grew into blisters. The area got red and the itching was pretty intense. But, still I was happy. I wanted to give the rash some time to fester, because I wanted it to get kind of flared up so I could take a photo of it for you guys before trying the Rhus Tox by Hyland’s.

Here’s what it looked like when it first started to swell up, but before it blistered:



Here’s what it looked like when it started really bothering me to the point I wanted to take something for the itch:

I’m sorry that my skin looks yellow in these first pictures. My camera isn’t exactly the best. My skin is actually very pale. My whole arm was kind of irritated as it swelled up, but it never actually looked yellow. It looked rosy in the entire general area and darker rose around the blisters which were weepy because I kept scratching them.

That’s when I took the Rhus Tox in the middle of the night, rubbed it with coconut oil to prevent infection, covered it and went to bed:

I woke up really early the next morning and my arm was way less red and inflamed and didn’t itch at all:

What it looks like isn’t quite as important as what it felt like anyway. The night before, the area was inflamed and had blisters and itched. Bad. When I woke up, after taking the Rhus Tox, it was none of these things.  That was a matter of only about four hours. It may have worked faster than that. I don’t know, I was sleeping.

Later that night on the day after I took the Rhus Tox for my Poison Ivy, it started to itch a tiny bit again, so I took another few pellets of the Rhus Tox under my tongue with no food or water. The itch stopped again within a ten minute period and stayed gone.

Within two days, you can still see the scabby area, but there is no inflammation, no irritation, no oozing, and most importantly: No itch! Within five days it was simply gone. 

I’m not saying this will work for you or for your children, but I can say this absolutely worked for me.  I was amazed at how much Poison Ivy actually itched and oozed and swelled, but I was just as amazed at how well the Rhus Tox worked to curb these symptoms!






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