Celebrating the Grand Re-Opening of Diaper Parties!

As America celebrates its Independence Day, the all new Diaper Parties is celebrating its own independence and we, at Everything Birth, want to help them get started with a bang!

As we mentioned in the beginning of June, the start of this month brings the Grand Re-Opening Party for Diaper Parties.  We got into the whole scoop in that previous blog which you can find here if you are interested. One of our old senior consultants, Erin, will be taking over Diaper Parties and we are happy to celebrate this exciting time with her and her team!

She has a bunch of exciting things planned for you over the coming months, but over the next few days, there will be a frenzy of discounts, giveaways, free gifts and excitement going on. You will want to check in on the site during these next few days (here) and find them on Facebook (here) so that you can take advantage of the outstanding offers.

Just take a look at the deals they have planned that we are allowed to tell you about upfront:

But Erin and her team have even more deals. Look around the website during these next few days to find them… they’re hiding!

Now just because Diaper Parties has an amazing new site and interactive, online chat help for your diaper issues doesn’t mean they’ve done away with the at-home parties. There will be certain things available only at parties, so check to see if there is a consultant in your area. And who knows… maybe you will want to join their team and be a part of the cloth diapering revolution. If you do, keep us posted, we look forward to watching the team grow because there will always be a very fond place in Everything Birth’s heart for Diaper Parties. They are an amazing group of dedicated women and you would be as proud to be a part of their team as we are to be their friends.

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