OTC Homeopathic Remedies Don't Work Well For You?

How many times have you heard people state that OTC homeopathic remedies like the Calms Forte or Teething Tablets just don’t work for their kids? Maybe they don’t work for your child even? As many times as people have told me that, I have explained that there is a certain way to take homeopathic OTC remedies in order for them to be effective. If the Calms Forte or Teething Tablets don’t work for your child ask yourself these questions:

Do you dispense them onto a clear palate?

Homeopathy is very delicate. If you introduce a homeopathic remedy while the palate isn’t clear, the body won’t even notice it. That’s why the remedies say not to take with food or drinks. With regular medicine, it has to do with upsetting the stomach or changing the chemical reactions or other potential dangers, but with homeopathy, these instructions are so that the body can detect its subtle nature in the first place. People tend to see the “100% Safe, No Side Effects” written on the bottle and think that the instructions don’t really matter that much. If you want homeopathy to work though, you need to make sure that you don’t eat or drink anything at least fifteen minutes before or after giving the remedy.

Do you store the remedies near strong smelling substances?

Storing a bottle of a homeopathic remedy near a tube of minty toothpaste is a bad idea. Strong smells can ruin the entire bottle. When I first started using homeopathy i thought it was a scam because it never worked. Then, one day, I overheard a practitioner tell a client not to store it near a bottle of tea tree oil. My homeopathic remedies were sitting in the medicine cabinent right next to my bottle of tea tree oil! After that, I have had almost great results with OTC homeopathic remedies . Another place that people I’ve talked to who mention their lack of efficacy, have mistakenly stored their remedies is in the kitchen next to their can of coffee. Coffee is a very strong smell. These days, I have all of my homeopathic remedies in their own box kept far away from anything with a strong scent.

Do you touch the remedies with your fingers?

You are supposed to pour the little tabs into the cap and use the cap to dump them into the mouth. You are never supposed to touch a tab. If you do touch one, you certainly shouldn’t put it back into the container either. These are very subtle remedies we are working with when we use OTC remedies. They are capable of amazing things, but when we touch them, we apparently contaminate them and they loose their healing traits.

Do you dispense under on top of the tongue?

They best place to deposit a remedy is to dispense it into the little pocket under the tongue.

Do you repeat right away?

Hylands Menstrual Cramps TabletsHomeopathy works best if the remedy is introduced a few times right away rather than spread out over the day. Boiron suggests that remedies be given every fifteen minutes for a couple of hours or until a major change is noticed.

Incidentally, it was the Hyland’s Menstrual Cramps and PMS Tabs that ended up making me a believer when I turned to them in desperation one month.


    • Dawn

      Labeling is a tricky thing and since Everything Birth sells them, the FDA doesn’t allow me the liberty to say what I want as a response unfortunately. The only way around this would be for me to have you look up the remedies and their potencies in a bottle of calms and learn about the remedies in the OTC potency and make a decision for yourself really. If you completely understand homeopathy and the potencies the OTC stuff uses it will be much clearer of an answer for you.

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