Criminal Charges for One of the Top Pharmaceutical Companies?

People always ask me why I’m so into alternative healing like essential oils, foods and homeopathy. If you’re subscribed to this blog, you most likely understand where I’m coming from. I simply do not trust our current medical establishment.

  • I have been repeatedly abused, dismissed and neglected during the course of my hospital labor and deliveries.
  • I got a hospital acquired infection during a routine tubal.
  • In another hospital encounter, I was given an antibiotic over and over that would have killed me had my mother not forced the doctor to realize how allergic I was to it after doctors ignored my body’s toxicity and told me the infection was causing it, even though my white blood cell count was fine.
  • I’ve lost some of my hearing as an adverse reaction to a subsequent antibiotic that I was NOT allergic to.
  • My children’s pediatricians repeatedly failed to keep my children safe, even as I communicated with them with diligent records and all the right questions. Unfortunately, I kept falling for the scare tactics. It started with my son’s botched circumcision and was wrapped up with my daughters continued vaccinations despite severe skin reactions that were set off by them.

In truth though, I’ve had a pretty wonderful experience with my Family Doctor, which is why I switched my children to him, pulling them out of one of the most “prestigious pediatric practices” in my area. So, I don’t just unilaterally distrust everyone in the field.

At any rate, when I explain to people I don’t trust the medical establishment, they seem to think I have some kind of unfounded phobia. I try to explain how pharmaceutical companies work with some hospitals and practices in what I feel is the biggest “drug ring” in history. That, obviously, is greeted with rolled eyes. I implore them to consider that perhaps the pharmaceutical companies don’t have our best health in mind, but rather profits. More rolled eyes.

Well, here’s some proof for the eye rollers. In a breaking news report that I found in my inbox, I learned that Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) has just been conviced of criminal charges for their “business practices.”

Here’s some of the subsequent articles I found on the criminal charges:$3-billion-settlement-with-justice-department-in-largest-sum-of-its-kind-over-health-care-fraud/

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